Friday, August 19, 2016

Flames announce Monahan Contract

The Flames announced today they have Monny for the next seven years at $6.3 million.  When the Avs announced the Nathan MacKinnon signing, you knew that Monahan had to get a comparable contract.

So let's compare numbers, shall we?  Mackinnon's numbers last year were 21 goals and 31 assists.  Monahan's numbers clear that with 27 goals and 36 assists, for 63 points. Monny played 81 games, and Mackinnon played 72 games. Mackinnon has a career year 62 points, Monny, 63 points.  So as you can see, the Flames got a pretty good deal both ways.

The contract also puts into perspective the Flames trying to keep contracts under the $7 million a year if they can.  Apparently, the Flames feel having four $7 million players is better than having one $10 million player.  

Which is vital is to the Flames if they want to stay competitive over the next seven years.  Think about it; Bennett's and Tkachuk's contracts are up in the next three years. Elliot is a free agent next season. The Flames will need some cap room to get those contracts done.

It is vital that the Johnny Gaudreau contract stays under the $7 million number. Bennett and Tkachuk will be both stars in the future and will need their money too.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Expansion Concerns?

Everyone knows about the Flames' big three defencemen, right? Brodie, Gio, and Hamilton. It is obvious that those three will be protected, right? Not so fast, I say, what happens if Jyrki Jokipakka continues to improve?

Jyrki has been a pleasant surprise for the Flames. He was a better defenceman than Russell in Dallas. What are the Flames going to do if he continues to blossom? He was getting better each game, and by the end of the season, it was the steal of the trade deadline.

He was solid in the defensive zone. You did not have to worry about him being caught flat-footed. I mean, he was not perfect, but I feel there is plenty of potential for being a number two pairing dman. The problem is, you can only protect three defencemen.

It will just hard to see Jyrki exposed.  He is turning into a valuable asset. Dare I think the Flames are thinking of trading one of the big three to grab a top six forward?

Everyone but the kitchen sink has discussed whether Troy Brouwer is good enough for a top three forward. I strongly feel he is a top six forward, and right now Calgary's top right wing. What am I wondering is, should that be a concern?

On most teams, he would be a top six, not a top three. That is why I feel the Flames may have to consider trading one of the top three dmen. Trading a strength to cover up a weakness. The question is, is disposing of Brodie, Gio, or Hamilton a disaster waiting to happen? Or is it a necessity to make this team that much better?

Monday, July 4, 2016

Now what?

Well, how did the Flames do at Free Agency Frenzy?  Going into the Frenzy, the Flames needed a right wing and a backup goalie. Check right wing, and check back up.

General Manager Brad has said he is not done and would like to add defencemen.   It is evident that Brad will have to make another move to make that happen.

The Flames did well fixing the goaltending issue with Elliot and Johnson.  Brian Elliot's stats speak for themselves. He is a  solid goaltender who knows how to win.  For the first time in years, the Flames have a goalie who will be consistent and give them a chance to win every night.

Chad Johnson gives the Flames an established goaltender.  They needed a backup goalie who can steal a game or two.  It is vital for the Flames to have a  backup and be competitive.

The Flames signing Troy Brouwer is huge.  Troy is a solid player, who knows what it takes to win. He is a stable influence on the younger players, who will look up to him for his leadership skills. Troy will be a good fit for Monahan and Gaudreau, who have been looking for an RW since the end of time.

Let's talk about assets that the Flames could trade to get the defenseman Brad said he would like to acquire.

In no particular order, these are the assets I would consider moving:

Lance Bouma

Lance put himself out of favour with the Flames' management with his antics last year. Lance can easily be replaced.  The problem is that every other team also knows about his actions.  But hopefully, there will still be plenty of takers looking for the agitator in their lineup.

Dennis Wideman

It is common knowledge that Flames are shopping Dennis.  But finding a home for 5.23 million dollar powerplay specialist can be difficult. Dennis can still potentially be useful.  Many teams who could be in the market looking for a powerplay defensemen.

Mikael Backlund

This is the last resort, but if the Flames feel that Sam Bennett, is their 2nd line center, that might make Mikael expendable. Backlund could fetch a pretty good defender for the Flames.

Could the Flames consider trading a player for picks to make room?  The Flames could go the free agency route. If they do, I hope the Flames go with Patrick Wiercioch. He is a good number five stay-home defensemen.

I think the Flames are looking for a number four or a number three.  They will have to trade a player from their roster for two reasons: first,  salary cap, and secondly, you have pay something to get something.

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