Monday, August 9, 2010

Flames Summer Rumours

Flames Rumours…

A few people have messaged me on Twitter asking what my opinion is on the rumours surrounding the Flames so I decided I would answer all in one…

Regehr to the Kings for Simmonds or Moller- As addressed in my previous post, I do not believe this offer is on the table. But if this is available to Sutter, and Regehr is willing to waive his “no movement” clause I think Regehr for Simmonds is nearly a no brainer for the Flames! We have plenty of D-men, we need cap space and young talent.

Regehr for Connolly or Savard- Savard has stated he will only waive his “no trade” clause to Ottawa or Toronto. That can change but my gut tells me this will not happen…Connolly makes no sense to me. Why acquire a 2nd line centre at 4.5mill cap hit, who is often injured and we have Stajan who can do the same thing as Connolly, at a cheaper price and younger.

Langkow retiring or missing all of the ‘10-’11 season- For the ones who think Langkow is done and possibly retiring…think again, Jay Feaster said Langkow is getting better. I believe Langkow could be at camp or like Ryan Stone could return early in the season. I believe retirement is totally out of the question! Langkow is an important part of this team, regardless of what numbers he put up last season.

Kotalik AHL/KHL- Most have Kotalik as good as gone and his 3 mill will be off our cap! Here is the way I look at it: Like Feaster said he will be at camp, so we’ll give him a look and probably demote him to the AHL and he may chose to leave to the KHL if that is the case. Now what if he actually plays in the AHL and lights up the league and the Flames are struggling not scoring goals…would fans cry out to call him up? Keep in mind how close we are to the cap. I believe if Kotalik comes off the books it will be after pre-season. Same goes for Staios. People sometimes under estimate the character of a player; Kotalik wants to play in the NHL and produce, regardless of what you believe the man has pride. I don’t believe he will just walk away without at least making an attempt to show Calgary what he can do, he has a contract and he isn’t going to make the decision easy on Sutter who he waived his no trade for!

Backlund for Ladd- This was a wild and ridiculous rumour that swirled around for about 5 minutes and was totally fiction.

I have not heard anything else surrounding the Flames so if you have a rumour feel free to contact me I will look into it for you!


  1. well i hope they do something to clear up caproom... plus they definitely could use more talent up front...

  2. I agree with needing young talent up front... Cap space wise today's rumour is that Kronwall wants to go play in Sweden so that will shave a small amount. Unless a trade is offered that makes complete sense I do not see us clearing cap via trade. I believe cap space will be created come training camp by demoting players.


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