Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heritage Classic

Heritage classic- February 20 2010 the Calgary Flames will take part in the organizations first outdoor heritage classic game. Flames will take on the Montreal Canadiens at McMahon Stadium the current home of the Calgary Stampeders.

At first reaction we all think about the weather and let’s face it regardless of how we want it, it is completely out of our control. I am sure it will be cold with an afternoon Chinook followed by some wet snow! Next thing is the Jersey; I have seen every comment possible “ugly” “disappointing” “brutal” “hideous” and so on. I do not mind them it has some history behind them as we will be wearing the colors of the 1924 Calgary Tigers who lost the Stanley cup to Montreal Canadiens that year. I understand we could have used the “horse” jersey or the “Atlanta flames” jersey, but are the jerseys that bad?

Next I noticed Steve Staios was at the press conference. Steve Staios… will he even be playing for the flames come February 20th? So why was he there? Was he one of the only players around and willing to be there? Or is it because the Abbotsford Heat will play a game at Mc mahon too? Staios seems to be the guy everyone wants gone to clear the cap issues and make room for a Pelech, Negrin or Seabrook. But with 8 defenseman on a one way contract at an average of $2.762 million cap hit per player, you can bet something most likely will happen with one of them.

I am extremely excited for the event; I hope the Heat will also play a game so we can see the prospect in our own yard. But just to be able to be at an outdoor hockey game watching my favourite team play is something I always dreamed of after watching the Edmonton vs Montreal game back in 2004.

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