Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flames current situation

Less than a month before the first preseason game, where are we at?

Did we get that offence?

Jokinen and Tanguay were brought back at a discount price to try and regain their past glory days. We all know what Tanguay will bring with his creativeness and vision of the ice, but will he stay healthy and be willing to dig a little in the corners? With Jokinen I hope we do not know what we are going to get! I hope we see a new player and I think we will, but Flames fans will have to understand that means a more selfish Jokinen. Jokinen is successful when he shoots often, and gets left alone to play his game. I hope he will not be looking to set up Iginla and that he returns to being himself. I think the coaches need to lengthen his leash! We also brought in Stone, Jackman and Ivanans who will fill in on the bottom lines. We will not be looking at them for goals! Hagman, Stajan and Bourque better put up big numbers. I think that Sutter believes they can and that they better! On the current roster we have 9 players who have scored 20+ goals in a season and 3 d-men who have scored 10+ goals in a season. So clearly we have the guys who can score just got to find the chemistry and system that works.

Lots of rumours are floating around Regehr for a skilled forward (Fleischmann, Savard, Simmonds and Semin). Maybe this is an option and Sutter will make a deal to bring in another forward but I have my doubts. I believe what you see now is also what you will see come training camp. That does not mean this is what you will see come the end of training camp. I hope if Sutter is going to deal a major piece like Regehr, that he gets younger talent back. The Flames are currently the 3rd oldest team in the NHL with an average age of 30.278. Trades with Boston and Washington (such as everyone is suggesting), make little sense to me. Both teams are over the cap or right at the cap depending if you believe the Belanger signing by Washington. So why would we deal with them? We would be looking to move salary and so are they…So making the trade; Savard for Regehr straight up, it would do very little for those who want the Flames to shed salary and get younger. Same goes for Washington, Regehr for Fleischmann, yes we shed some salary and yes we’d get a little younger but Washington adds cap space, which they don’t want as they are awaiting to announce the Belanger signing. Regehr rumours have been around all summer but unless something major changes, Robyn will be flying out of YYC for Flames road trips!

Look at the roster… with Stone (injury) and Backlund off of it and we still sit over the salary cap by $2,349,995. This is why everyone keeps suggesting a move is coming, I agree but keep in mind Kronwall will most likely not return (500,000) and Staios or Kotalik is most likely AHL bound and that is how we will get under the salary cap! What about David Moss, is he so safe from relegation? I believe he needs to have a real strong camp or he could find himself in a new environment or playing under Jim Playfair. If Backlund shows he has improved from last year, expect him to be on this team. Some feel he is Abbotsford bound but this team needs to get more creative in the offensive zone and he has the ability to bring that. Also keep in mind he was the best face off man coming down the stretch for this club last year.

On a lighter and end note the goaltending is going to be fun to watch. We get an all new big tender that no one seems to really know and we are all aware of what Kiprussoff will bring. The defence is a nice balance right now White, Bouwmeester and Giordano to fill the quarterback position. While Sarich, Regehr and Staios/Pelech will bring the shutdown and physical presence, with Pardy being the 7th man.

Is our roster really that bad?

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