Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Info On Who I Am

Who is this guy blogging on Flames Jambalaya and why is he blogging about the Flames? Well I can answer those questions; I thought it would be fair to give SOME background on myself to you Flames Jambalaya fans.

My name is Dearen (Darren) and I moved to Canada from Belgium in 1999. I moved here with very little hockey knowledge but that quickly changed. All I knew about the NHL was that I once saw an Anaheim Mighty Ducks jersey hanging in a Belgian sports store and I knew Brett Hull (powerfull slapslot) played for Dallas thanks to NHL 99 for N64. When I moved I began following the game and quickly started following the Flames thanks to my new friends in school who would make fun of them. I saw the dark days of no playoffs and the lack of support which led to the Flames & Oilers scratch ticket which I purchased regularly to support my team combined with driving 1.5 hrs in snow to watch live games.

My best friend’s cousin began playing for the Kootenay Ice of the WHL. “Jason Jaffray,” we followed him and the team constantly. I met guys like Dan Blackburn, Jared Stoll, Mike Comrie, Steve Mc Carthy and later on when Jason got traded to Swift Current, guys like Ian White and Duncan Milroy. What this did was show me the other side of the business and it intrigued me to study the prospects and the financial side of the sport.

I continued to follow the Flames and soon became hooked, and became one of the “crazy” fans. I would get totally defensive of people attacking the Flames. I would be studying salaries, following prospects and so forth and by 2002 I was a full on Calgary Flames Junkie who couldn’t get enough! Sure we were a losing team but V. Bure, Saprykin and Turek were small lights of hope but those quickly went away. But the one constant was Iginla! And then it happened 2004, do I need to say more?

I am recently engaged and continue to be a “crazy” flames fan! My fiancĂ©e was converted to a flames fan from being what I call a “loose no knowledge Oilers fan” and now supports her own Flames jersey (red one not pink) with her own name and number on the back! I hope you will enjoy my blogs in agreement or disagreement and I will accept all feedback. I am just excited to share my thoughts and hear yours! GO FLAMES GO



  1. Thanks for joining the Jambalaya family. We look forward to reading more of your posts.

    I hate the Flames... but I like you. ;)


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