Thursday, August 5, 2010

Robyn Regehr To The Kings?

Robyn Regehr- The player that the Flames chose to complete the Theo Fleury trade to Colorado in 1999. The youngest nominee for the NHL Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, after his horrific accident where he broke both legs and was not expected to recover so fast let alone play hockey! He quickly became a physical and fan favourite defence man in Calgary and got lots of attention across the league... So why is Regehr the one everyone wants out of town to clear cap space? Rumours are flying around that the Los Angeles Kings are hot on Sutter’s heals to trade Regehr to sunny California, and offering young studs like Simmonds or Moller. But is it true? I don’t believe Dean Lombardi is offering Simmonds straight up for Regehr, if he is why hasn’t Sutter done that trade? Is it because Regehr won’t waive his “no movement” clause? Possibly…but his wife is from California so if not LA does that mean Regehr won’t waive it to any team? So let’s analyse the pros and cons to this trade for both teams…

- Need a d-man to help buffer up young guys like Doughty, Teubert and Johnson and fill in for the “physical” hole due to the injured Matt Greene. They have a lot of young forwards and prospects to make a deal possible without hurting their future.
-Have 13million in cap space so money is not a major issue. Keep in mind Doughty, Johnson and Simmonds (assuming he is not dealt for Regehr) all need new RFA contracts after next season but Williams, Ponikarovsky and Handzus come off the books, so yes no real cap issues in acquiring Regehr.
-Regehr has not had the best of seasons in the past 2 years and does not really offer any sort of offensive skill to your team. But Regehr is a +70 since 2004 and has not ended a season in a negative +- since 2003. But if Regehr does not improve over his last season the Kings may be better off taking Staios because he would be awfully similar yet cheaper and only 1yr left on his deal.

-Flames have plenty of d-men (8) on a 1 way contract and are fairly deep on the farm with guys like Pelech, Negrin and Seabrook with Erixon down the line.
-Need cap space!!!
-Need a young cheap offensive skilled forward to help on the right wing and provide goals. Simmonds could provide that and Moller would provide a flashy speedy center that could play on the right side. But if Staios is the one to go, Flames won’t get anything near a Simmonds or Moller in return!
-Only cons I could think of is the leadership and quality we would lose in a guy like Regehr. Say what you will but a +70 in the past 6 season means he can play and gets the job done! And another is that the Kings have lots of options left including trying to acquire Kaberle.

So if this rumour is true why not do it? Doesn’t it make sense for both teams? If this trade does not go through and I believe it won’t. I will be content and be excited to see ol’ Reggie back in red supporting #28 and taking care of Kipper!

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