Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why we are fortunate

Dispite all the up and down emotions and questionable moves made this offseason, we are still extremely fortunate as Flames fans!

Why we are fortunate..

What does every professional sports team want?

A franchise player not just a point producer, a true professional that represents your franchise to the best of his or her capabilities! A role model, someone kids look up to! A leader that his or her peers respect and want to go to war for!
We are so blessed as Flames fans. Like Trevor Linden said at the end of his final NHL game “you are the best player in the game.” Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla is that player for Calgary! His smile and passion for the game is recognized all over the world! Most will tell you he is 10 times more of a player and person than Flames fans had expected on December 19, 1995. But don’t knock off his helmet because he will destroy you!
From gathering the team to pay respects to Trevor Linden, to setting up the Olympic gold medal goal to leading the city of Calgary on a magical franchise restoring Stanley cup run in 2004 to giving back to the community…I could go on all day, what we have is special! Look at Lebron James and Dany Heatley, two star players embarrassing their franchises and making a circus, taking advantage of their fortune and blessed abilities to make a difference while playing a game! I agree it’s their decision and they earned it and that is fine, but that is why Iginla is even more special! He could have done all those things, he could be playing next to Crosby in Pittsburgh, he could have demanded out of Calgary. He could have made some good money off of making a reality show, following him to make a decision where to go! But he didn’t, he stayed true to himself, a “caring” and “motivated” leader and being the face of the Calgary Flames.

Modern day athletes want exposure, money, fame and hope a championship will follow. Not Iginla he is fine with spending the summer in Kelowna with his family staying out of the lime light. Searching for new ways to improve himself and contribute to his team. Calling into radio and TV shows expressing his excitement for recent transactions made by his boss and promising to improve and continuing to build the team he loves!

We as fans sometimes under value and under appreciate what we have! So I ask you; what if we did not have Iginla the past 6 years, what would the Calgary Flames be?
Every year I am upset hearing some fans demand Iginla to be traded…Why? I get that you can get prospects and that change is needed at some point but that change should not be Iginla! My dream is the same as Iginla’s, watching him raise the Stanley cup as a Calgary Flames player, and that means if it will take another 4 years so be it! Many deserving players go a career without winning a championship. I guess I am one who does not see Iginla being one of them; I just hope it will be with the Calgary Flames.

I am proud to have him as our captain, who wears the flaming “C” better than anyone! In my eyes we are a fortunate bunch!

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