Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Focusing on the Positives

4-0-0! Could we ask for more?

So after 4 pre-season games we are still undefeated and Kipper has only played 4 out of 12 periods not including the OT frame against Tampa. Actually, Karlsson who has played 5 periods has been better! Not that he would become the #1 but it’s at least a positive start. After beating Phoenix 3-1, we learnt that Brodie is not slowing down anytime soon including scoring a goal without actually putting the puck between the 2 red posts! So what is next for him? Flames sent down D-man Gord Baldwin to the Heat and in my personal opinion, although Pardy was noticeable (for the wrong reasons), against the Coyotes, he looked sloppy and one dimensional. I still do not see Brodie cracking the line-up but tough decisions are looming for the management team.

On a sour note, Jokinen left the game in the second period with what looked like a lower back or hip injury that forced him not to return. Although Brent Sutter was quoted saying Jokinen’s injury does not seem too serious, as Flames fans we are still worried as Langkow, Stajan and Stone are all already out, making Backlund our #1 centre man. A lot of fans are assuming if the injuries are very serious the Flames will look to trade Regehr to bring in a top 2 centre man. Darren Dreger states Regehr will move his NTC for the right team… I could see some crazy rumours surfacing!

Now for the forwards, I think it’s safe to say Conroy will get his 9 games to reach a 1000 games played thanks to his play and the help of the injuries. Hagman’s speed and quick shot will be a massive asset and hopefully provide the scoring the Flames lacked most of last year! Rheault, Nemisz, Meyer, Sutter and Cunning all remain with the club but out of the 5 I think Sutter and maybe Rheault have a shot at filling a 4th line spot. Overall I have been impressed with what I have seen from these guys including Backlund and I feel more at ease in case some new injuries happen to occur. I am assuming some cuts could come tomorrow but I doubt Irving will be a part of those cuts as he will be kept around to give Karlsson and Kipper breaks with the remaining pre-season games to keep them fresh for the season.

It is hard see a whole lot of negatives but hey, we had a crazy off-season right? Being 4-0-0 and having Brodie and Karlsson playing the way they are, Flames fans and media can’t help but focus on the positive! A nice change.

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