Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What did we see

What do we know now and what did we see?

After the first 2 preseason games yesterday a lot has happened and perhaps changed! First thing is injuries; Langkow, Stone and Stajan. 3 centre men down and for how long is unknown right now. But we know Backlund, Moss, Wahl, Armstrong, Patterson, Conroy and Sutter have to be licking their chops as it looks like all could be contending for the temporary 2nd 3rd and 4th line centre spots. Last week everyone was saying we had too many centre men and it would be tough for even Conroy to make the team. But now we could have Backlund as a top 6 forward come opening day showing how fast things can change. Also the injuries could prevent a major move by Flames management before the season’s start, as the injuries could get us under the salary cap until those players come back. So Kotalik may be saved, although he scored last night I still didn’t see a guy with a “chip” on his shoulder!

Next thing I want to talk about is the defence. Flames have 8 d-men on a one way contract but I do not believe that means much at this time. Kronwall in my opinion will not be here come opening day. Regardless, Kronwall had a good showing last night and hopefully it opens up the eyes of Eastern conference teams to maybe take this guy off our hands! After last night I really see the decision the team must make as to who gets the 7 spots available with the big club. Pelech looked good; he made himself noticeable especially for a guy who didn’t play in the young stars tourney like a Negrin and Brodie. Pelech looked like he had his feet under him and was ready to go. Talking about Brodie he is definitely getting a good look by the Flames coaching staff, he is on the 2nd power play unit in practice. In the end I still believe a spot or 2 are available and up for grabs on the back end, regardless of how many one way deals we have.

Last thing I want to touch on is some prospects and what I saw last night. Chucko will not become an NHL player! He is an AHL’ER for life, this guy shows no improvement and for being a big body he does not know how to use it and with his limited ice time, he got pushed around like a 14yr old peewee player. Cameron was not visible even against a “C” Canucks team. Nemisz played well. Like I have stated before, he is not a crafty player but he sure knows how to use his body and he showed that last night. I do think he needs to get stronger on the puck but overall I felt he played alright. Between Negrin/Pelech/Meyers, I felt Negrin was the weakest of the three, but all three played an alright game with Meyers and Pelech making themselves noticeable. Wahl from what I heard played well and probably earned himself another pre-season game! Karlsson gave fans something to be optimistic about in net as he stopped all 12 shots and looked good in his debut and Irving played great after allowing a weak goal right after he came into the game. Last thing I want to touch on is John Armstrong, this guy cannot catch a break as he got a puck in the face and was forced to leave the game. I hope it is not serious and that he can continue in camp and hopefully show us what I believe is a solid 3-4 line player who can play at the NHL level. Injury news and cuts will be announced in the coming days all this can change again!

And on a side note Vanouver goaltender Eddie Lack looked fantastic!

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