Saturday, October 2, 2010

After 6 pre-season games

Flames undefeated pre-season continues, but so do the injuries!

The Flames are 6-0-0 this pre-season after defeating the young and fast Oilers by a 5-1 score on Friday night in Edmonton. It never hurts to win a game even if it is a pre-season game but injuries take a toll and the Flames have plenty of them right now! Tonight, Kotalik and Moss join Stajan, Langkow, Stone and Jokinen as injured players… and all are forwards. We know the Calgary Flames are a deep team when it comes to defensemen. But we have not drafted in the top 15 since we drafted Phaneuf meaning we are fairly skinny come talented forwards. Players such as Sutter, Cunning, Rheault, Backlund and Meyer (who are all still in camp), could be asked to fill some big shoes and help offensively once the season starts. As much as we can sit here and complain about injuries, they happen, and more injuries will occur! So do we trade Regehr to fill a much needed top 6 forward spot? I do not think we should but I know a lot of Flames fans believe we should! Rumours keep swirling that Regehr will waive his “no movement clause” for the right team, but who is the right team? Although we do not know the severity of any of the current injuries it looks like come next Thursday some young men will have to step up and fill the void!

Now I want to focus on some positives; Iginla continues to light the lamp and his chemistry with Tanguay seems to be back as Tanguay has assisted 3 of Iginla’s 4 pre-season goals, and has 5 assists so far. T.J. Brodie also keeps going; he played over 20 minutes, made some smooth plays and had a couple shots on target including the 5th goal of the game for the Flames. This kid is going to be another Giordano in a couple of years! And how can I talk about positives without mentioning the calm cool stud “CT” Henrik Karlsson, again with a solid performance in goal for the Flames and he may be that back up we have been looking for the past few years. And finally Backlund- this guy to me is ready; he skates at an NHL level, shoots like an NHLer and carries himself as a true professional! It is no secret that he has a lot to learn, but to me, sending him down will not help him become an all-around NHL player. With all the injuries, this is the time the organization has to let a young guy step in for once and use his energy and creativeness, yes he will make some mistakes but I am all for him learning at the NHL level. I believe he is ready!
The Flames have one more pre-season game and then on Thursday the real dance begins. We do not know the roster yet but my gut tells me we will have at least 3 first year players making the team.

On a last side note I am disgusted by Oilers fans and how they booed Staios at some stages of the game! The guy played 533 games for the organization and laid everything on the line every night! But I guess it is his fault that they were the joke of the NHL last year, right?

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