Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It’s Time

Well the “longer than hoped” off season is officially over and it is now time to show we are a better team! Lots have been said and jokes have been made but one can’t help but feel optimistic. We know we need to score more and hopefully the additions of Tanguay and Jokinen together with Iginla, Hagman and a healthy Stajan will rejuvenate this team offensively. We should be fine defensively just like last year. The Flames didn’t change much back there and the emergence of Brodie will add a young spark back there. Also Henrik “CT” Karlsson, will hopefully be the back-up tender we have been searching for.

All we as fans can do now is sit back watch and cheer on our beloved Flames, there will be some ups and some downs but I do feel unlike last year we will be there come playoff time.

With Langkow on the LTIR we are under the cap to begin the year by $33,000! Underneath you will find the Calgary Flames current roster. Also we hope you will join us for the ride and we promise to keep you up to date with all this Flames all season long! GO FLAMES GO

Flames Opening Day Roster:

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