Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sarich Sarich Sarich how nice it is to have you back!

Finally Sarich gets to defend himself by playing and he proves that we were right about him.

Let’s dive right in. In the off-season, we all focused on which d-man would be traded to bring in a goal scorer and perhaps clear some cap space. The name that came up a lot was Cory Sarich. With his 3.6 mill dollar cap hit and lack of “point production” he seemed a logical choice. No defence man was dealt and no real goal scorer was brought in so fans and the media turned their focus to who would be sent down to the AHL. Once again Sarich’s name came up, but due to all the injuries nothing transpired again. Then a young man by the name of T.J Brodie made the team after a stellar pre-season campaign. So we knew with 8 d-men on the roster that someone was going to sit and this time Sarich couldn’t dodge it, and sat the first 3 games of the season. Some agreed and some like us didn’t like the move at all.
Since joining the Calgary Flames in 2007, Sarich has posted a plus minus of +21 in 214 games played. Sarich did not get to 751 games played by being a sub-par defence man who jumped from job to job. He is a dependable physical stay at home player, who, in my opinion is a top 6 defence man on any NHL team. So why did he sit the first 3 games? It’s hard to say, some reports surfaced he had an ankle injury but yet he was practicing. Some believed the Flames were pushing him to accept a trade and waive his “no movement clause” and some just said he is not good enough to be a top 6 on this team. Regardless majority of the fans agreed with him not playing until Pardy went down and Staios was the replacement than more questions were asked, and again no real answer was found. But now after 5 games played and Sarich being in the last 2 games, we see the importance of having Sarich in the line-up and hopefully the rumours will subside and when Pardy gets healthy, either Staios or Pardy fills that 7 d-man spot or goes down to the AHL.

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