Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a mess! Possible moves coming??

What a mess!

Mess- a state of confusion and disorderliness

The Flames have been bad the past few games. The only reason why it is not worse is because we happened to hold on and defeat the Oilers after blowing a 3 goal lead.
Here is a quick and painful run down; Come out, look good, score a goal or 2 and then tank it! Defensive collapses, offensive zone penalties and lack of self-belief are just a few of the Flames obvious issues. So what do you do? Yell and scream? Nah the fans will do that…fire the coaching staff? Haven’t we tried that?? Yes we have and it hasn’t change much. So what is it, leadership? Many people are calling for “trades” Ok; But which players and to what team? Keep in mind we have 11 players on the current roster with a “no trade” or “no movement clause” making it extremely difficult to find a team and get some reasonable value back in return! But let’s say we do find a trading partner, what can you get in return for our players that will fix the issues this team has?

Face it right now guys like Regehr, Staios and Sarich are valuable in their own way but not if you are looking to get a significant piece in return. Ian White (with the Giordano contract) could be on his way out. But I believe, IF he was to be traded, Sutter would wait till the deadline where his value would be at its peak, and if the team is in contention he will not be moved at all and probably walk at UFA. So what about Hagman or Stajan… Well Stajan signed that extension and D. Sutter will probably not move him that fast. So Hagman, the speedy winger who, in my opinion, fits better in the Eastern conference and on a team that is more offensive minded is a possibility to be dealt. But can he get us a return that shakes up this team? Not in my opinion, so let’s then focus our attention to Iginla. There are lots of “trade rumours” and “predictions” floating around him. Does he have value? For sure he does, a team like LA, Pittsburgh and the New York rangers would love to add him and the Flames could get an established player, a good prospect/young guy and a high pick in return for Iginla. So is that what the Flames should do? “NO” is the answer! We are 11 games into the 2010-2011 season, 11 games that mean 71 games to go, 142 points left to be grabbed.
This team needs to solve its issues from within, and if they can’t then they will finish the season disappointed as a group together. It is true, it is still extremely early into the season and although it is a mess now and November only has the Flames playing 4 home games, it can be resolved from within and I believe it will. Once Iginla realizes he is not the 50 goal scorer he was and adjust his game and allows himself to be the leader that he is, and guys like Bourque, Hagman and Bouwmeester find that consistency in their game this team will win games. The Flames will also need a game where they are down 2-0 after the first period and fight back to take the lead and win the game 3-2! It’s all about confidence and trust. I know it is easy for me to sit here and say this and I get that, but it is also easy for someone to make the trades and call for people’s heads. But we all have that right as fans of a hockey team! Although we probably don’t all agree and see it the same way, we all want the same thing and that is success for this team!

This is my view as I believe it is still too early to pull the trigger but something better change quick! And on a last note please Sutter, hold on to your first round pick.

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