Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flames Searching for Changes

Searching for changes? Answering some common questions.

In a week where our beloved Flames do not play until Wednesday at home vs. the Phoenix Coyotes, a lot of questions and suggestions surround this club.

Whose team is this? Let us begin with that one; some say Bourque, some say Iginla. My answer is Kiprusoff! Why you ask? Simple, he is the only guy who has come to play every night! To me it doesn’t matter who wears the “C” or who has the most all time points or has scored the most goals in recent history, it is all about who comes to play for this team and the jersey they put on every day. Kiprusoff might not have the most unreal stats at the moment or be the most media friendly guy, heck he might not be the prettiest face to put on posters or team promoting signs. Yet come game time he is the first one in the zone and gives it his all every day regardless of what his stats say or what his teammate’s attitudes are. We often look over his play because we have become so use to it, but reality is we are very fortunate to have him on our team! Most keep asking; between Bourque and Iginla, whose team is it? Well it is Iginla’s, and it will remain that way until he leaves the team or retires. Doesn’t mean he will put up the most productive stats but he will always be the leader of this team. Has he been good this season? Absolutely not! But does he want to be here? YES he does, he is too passionate where he won’t give up after a bad stretch! Mark my words, he will show us whose team this really is either way!

Next, who is leaving? Well I am not sure anyone is…. Kotalik, Ivanans and Pardy will all return in the near future. Meaning someone will be sent down to the AHL or placed on waivers. Players like Meyer and Mikkelson seem like likely candidates for that maybe even Staios, only time will tell. Now when it comes to trades, Regehr’s name keeps getting brought up. I am not sure if Regehr has ample value where something comes back in return that changes this team enough unless he is included in a larger package deal. Next name is Ian White, UFA at the end of this year, has played very poorly lately and has looked slow for most of the season. But is there too much upside here? With the injury to Markov in MTL and teams such as Washington, San Jose and Anaheim continuing to search for an established d-man…I will let you make some possible trades with those teams but there are possibilities there, although I would stay away from the Habs.

Next, who needs to get fired? Brent Sutter? NO, we have fired coaches in the past few years with the same leaders on the team as we do now. Yet no real change has come from it, and in my opinion we are fortunate to have Brent. So is it Darryl Sutter? Maybe…Feaster is capable to take over I guess. My opinion is he will never be fired! He may be moved to a different responsibility within the organization due to the owners love for him. But that will not happen unless the owners and Ken King feel it is time for a rebuild and then a new philosophy will come in and take over. It’s easy to blame Sutter, yes he has made some questionable trades and signings but he believes in this city as a great hockey market and great place to raise a family. If Sutter is the issue, then the pressure should be on the owners and Ken King, to make changes to better this team. I still believe Sutter is doing his best job to make this team better. I am not saying it is working but he is sticking to what he believes in, and that is a quality that is admirable but maybe not function able for this club.

Like you can tell I have no real suggestions as to what to do when it comes to a big change, I just gave some opinion on recent rants. But I do think if the coaches keep preaching what they are preaching, and maybe we move a body or two, this team can turn this around as there is still a lot of hockey to be played. Playoffs are reachable but will it do any good for the future and can the Flames really make some noise if they make it? That is up for debate but nothing beats playoff hockey where anything is possible! And with a goaltender like Kipper, anything is possible.

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