Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Colorado Bush Cuddling Needed!


After a 2-3-0 home stand the Flames now have a 6-6-0 record on the season!
We can pick apart everything and see where the mistakes are but it’s obvious; No skating, bad 5 on 5 plays. Actually let me rephrase that, “terrible” 5 on 5 play, a non-producing power play, constant bad positioning and bad penalties. A lot is wrong but it can be fixed! It all breaks down to confidence and the will to be better. Right now I believe the players are thinking it will improve, not making sure it improves! They can think and say what they want, but unless you go out and do it and you make the commitment as a team, nothing will change. This team has the players, leaders and coaches to turn this around. So when and how will it happen? The Answer: when they commit and believe they can do it. And quite frankly, also when Iginla, Bourque and Bouwmeester begin to play like stars and game breakers!

I briefly expressed it on twitter, but the Flames need to look at their 6-6-0 record as 0-0-0 as they go on the road for 4 games. Look at this trip as a re-start! They fly out tomorrow and I believe that is a good thing. So get on that plane fly to Minnesota play the game (hopefully) win. After the Minnesota game go to a zoo, a bowling alley or a laser tag facility and force the guys to be around each other and have some bonding time, and if one guy doesn’t make it out then so be it! (Unless that person is Kiprusoff) Have some fun, realize that the guys in that room are fun and are competitive. Loosen up, change things up stay at some log cabins in the bush in Colorado for all I care but come back out of this trip as a new group! Still 140 points up for grabs and it’s not too late!

I hate pointing the finger at coaches and I believe we are fortunate to have Brent. Yet, Brent Sutter needs to quit displaying his frustrations towards the team so blatant on the bench and so quickly. As soon as they make one mistake he begins the cursing and lashes out. I get that the team is bad right now but clearly these guys are lost and when the coach is the first one to lose it, the players will most likely follow suit. But hey! I hear Playfair is coming to coach the Flames during home games. JK

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