Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Darryl Steps Down

Darryl Sutter Steps Down

At around noon I got word that Flames executive VP and the GM has stepped down!

Shocked, surprised were my first feelings but it makes total sense; I just didn’t see it happening today.

Jay Feaster will step in as GM until the end of the season and then the organization will make a decision on whether he continues to retain that role. Early reactions state that the “rebuild” will begin now and the team will be blown up. My opinion is that Feaster will probably bring in a couple of guys in the office and evaluate the team on his terms. Then decide who the core players are, decide where the team is at and in what direction this organization must go.

Last thing I would like to thank Darryl Sutter for his time with the organization. When Darryl came in this team was a mess and couldn’t compete. Darryl was a major part in making this organization relevant again and being competitive every year. The last couple of years have been a whirlwind but he never stepped away from what he believed in and that is admirable!

This is the right move and probably should have happened in the past offseason! Now we move forward and hopefully we can re structure this team and get excited again!


  1. The only point of reference that we have for what kind of deals Feaster & Goulet (AKA the NEW regime) may make as GM of this team (trying not to think of the Brad Richards trade a few years back) is the Ian White/Brett Sutter for Tom Kostopolous/Anton Babchuk which was according to Darryl a deal that "Feaster spent a lot of time putting together" and was the first real move for players scouted by Goulet. At least for the time being, I'm glad Feaster is just "Interim" GM..... (for now)

  2. Do you like the Babchuk deal that was completed? In my opinion that deal openens some money and Kostopoulos is a great 3-4 liner who is responsible...


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