Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New GM needed!

General Manager Wanted!

Well my previous blog stated I still had some hope. I got a lot of reaction and no one seemed to agree, I was a little bit surprised but I understood! Now with saying that and after seeing the Flames play against the Wild and Blue Jackets I understood both. I had some hope left because the Flames showed great effort and teased me with believing they are close to putting it “all” together. But realistically...yes, realistically, when the Flames can’t beat two teams that are considered “weaker” opponents (or are they?) it means the team is in a deeper hole than some thought. But now it is time for me, and apparently Ken King and Daryl Sutter to see the real issue and begin the process of re-tooling or re-building this team! Come January you have to figure something is going to drop! Is it a trade or firing/hiring? That I don’t know but both have to be highly considered.

I still do not believe this team can pull off a massive trade that propels the Flames to solving the “youth” “speed” and “talent” hole they have in the system. And that is due to the “harsh and tough to trade” contracts some players have, where most team will not give up quality to add one of these. So maybe the Flames should hold a garage sale…
It’s a mess but until you make the necessary first step, it will not get better! And that big first step has become pretty evident;

Make a change at the GM position. I have been one of Sutter’s biggest supporters, but it is time to get a new guy making decisions! I believe Daryl stuck to what he knew and what he believed was important. Things such as loyalty, bold moves and keeping it Western Canadian were a few of Sutter’s characteristics that I agree with, but the League has moves ahead of that. Sutter’s lack of European knowledge, attention to speed and unwillingness’ to change has now caught up and cost this team. It is time to bring in a new face, voice and outlook to hopefully re-kindle the Flames. I am not sure as to whom to suggest, Feaster is the obvious but I am not so sold but I also would not be against him! Call me crazy but would a Gary Roberts be an option? Kelly Kisio to bring in a complete fresh new look?


  1. I could see Kisio stepping into an Asst GM role... not sure about GM, though. Worth a thought or two.

    I like Paul Fenton & Ron Hextall myself. I could be wrong, but Darcy Regier & Lindy Ruff may be free agents after this season.

  2. Good point! Paul Fenton is a solid consideration! Also Regier would be great if he was available!


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