Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Dwindling Hope

My Thoughts.....Maybe too positive??

Few days away from Christmas and the question I hold is “do I save money for play-off tickets, or do I go ahead and spend that money on gifts for the family?”

On this Sunday, I am going to take some time and answer some questions and share my opinion.
First off,

Are we bound not to make the play offs this year? Well with 98 points still left up for grabs and let us say we need 95 points to make the 8th seed. The Flames will need 64 points out of the possible 98 which means 65.3% win hockey is needed from here on out. So yes it looks bleak, and unless our home ice play and consistency improves, we will be talking about possible trades involving guys like: Regehr, Iginla, Glencross and Hagman come February, along with watching Nugent-Hopkins closely in Red Deer.

Who will not be wearing a Flames jersey off of the current roster after the trade deadline? Again this depends on where the team is positioned in the standings but even if we are out of the playoff picture, I do not think Daryl (or the new GM) will be able to move many bodies. And instead he will try to re-tool in the offseason. Still I have a tough time seeing Glencross not being dealt. When Kostopoulos came over in the Ian White deal, I felt Glencross was expendable and with his contract status come deadline day I can see a few teams making the call and presenting an offer. Another player is Adam Pardy; I really like his play this season. But with all the youth coming up on defence and his contract expiring at season’s end, he could draw some interest by a team who is in a good playoff position and is not comfortable with what they have in the farm. Realistically, if you are looking for major deals this team in my opinion will not be involved, straight due to contracts statuses. And yes I still think Iginla will be wearing red!

Should we just tank it and go for 1st overall pick? No! Absolutely not, where is the pride in that? As long as Jarome is on this team and the captain, this team will always try to move north in the standings! I know some media folk are insisting the Flames should blow it up and blow it up now. But in the past, teams in worse positions have made the playoffs. Now I am not saying the Flames will but why not try? What does this team have to lose… 1st overall pick?? That’s for the yearly embarrassment of the league and I will gladly let the Islanders or Edmonton take that, maybe even Toronto… although Boston will be the real winner in that scenario! The upcoming draft will be a deep draft though there is no real player that can change an NHL team by next season. There are still plenty of good prospects all over the first round. Second is we can’t blow this team apart, who will take Jokinen, Kotalik, Staios and or Stajan? I think the Flames need to play it out and hopefully make the playoffs. And if they do not make the playoffs you cannot make any progress until the offseason unless you are on the side of the people who want Iginla dealt.

Is our age and lack of star youth to blame for this potential horrendous season? Sure it is; our veterans have not been good or consistent! Now with the lack of “star” youth that is due to not drafting high and making trades in the past to become a Stanley cup contender (which I will not hold against this team). But viewing this from a positive angle, I now am glad we have these veteran players. Because if this team is to get out of this funk and perhaps make a push you need vets and experienced smart players, rather than inexperienced youth.

I guess I might still be in the “win now” phase and holding on to our last gasps of hope, but I do not think this season is over yet and I do see it getting better. Our play of late has been good, analysts like Pierre McGuire said the Flames needed to win 6 straight game against these weak opponents such as the Wild and Jackets, otherwise this team is done. Now I know we lost to the Wild last night and that snapped that opportunity, but winning 6 straight games in this league is tough and borderline unrealistic! And I also think it is too early for the Flames to be “done” if they lose a game… although maybe it isn’t…?

We have 5 games left this year and in no way do I think it is unreasonable to think we can get 7-8 points still before the year is up. That could have us start the season perhaps only 4 points out of a playoff spot!

I still have hope but do you? Let us know!


  1. Last in the west may only be 8th overall. The east is deplorable this year. Nudent Hopkins will be long gone by calgary's pick even if they finish last in the west. Writing is on the wall for glencross, how dare he compete and skate fast... No wonder he is in the dog house.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Glencross is on the block based on contract,bad penalties and a possible 2nd rd pick in return.

  3. I don't get the obsession with just making the playoffs. It is plainly obvious that this team would not beat one of the top seeds in a 7 game series and so what good does it do to just squeak into the playoffs as #8 seed and go out in the first round, again? Are we as Flames fans content with just making the playoffs every year? Shouldn't we hope for something more than that?

    THAT is why many fans think it's time to blow it up and rebuild. The team as it is, is not good enough to win a championship (or even come close to one) and it is already one of the oldest teams in the league. Things aren't going to get any better in future years without changes to bring in younger players.

    Iginla is 33; he's not going to be a better player at 34 or 35 or 36 than he is now. If this team is not going to win this year or next year - and it isn't - then why are we keeping these players who have significant value to contenders when we could be using them in trade to rebuild this team into a team that could contend in a few years?

    If guys like Iginla, Tanguay, Glencross, Morrison, Regehr, Babchuk, Staios, Pardy and Sarich are NOT traded, then it better be because either (A) they wouldn't waive their no-trade clauses (for the ones who have them) or (B) because nobody else in the league wanted them. Most of those guys are UFAs, if you really want them back next year you can re-sign them in the summer. At least get a pick or something for them right now while you can.

    Keeping those guys and not trying to make this team better down the road is idiotic and should be more than enough reason to fire Sutter, if he's still in charge come February. Which I desperately hope he isn't.


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