Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sutter Out Jay in Makng Sense out of it.

The Calgary Flames have a new sheriff in town, as Daryl Sutter steps down as General Manager of the Flames. What cost Sutter his job? Most people think it was the trades; more specifically, the Dion deal. Let’s face facts: Stajan has not lived up to expectations, and Hagman has played well at times but has to improve.

Yet some more people seem to think his downfall was bringing Olli back again. It was an interesting move that reeked of desperation. One that really had every national media outlet questioning his motives.

Many people blame the system. The dump and chase system is not working, and most of the fans and media seem to think it was Daryl’s fault. Daryl is really old school. He had a hard time adjusting to the new NHL.

Some people seem to think that Daryl did not allow Brent to coach. That it was Daryl’s team and Brent was not given freedom on how to run the team. Daryl had his way running the team, and Brent was not on the same page as Daryl. So in other words, it was a power struggle, and Daryl lost.

Now comes the thing I feel was Sutter’s downfall. Jay hinted in an interview that was he is not a fan of NMC and NTC contracts. Sutter either did too many or acquired too many of them. When you have 11 NMC or NTC contracts, it really puts a cramp in trying to make a trade. Combine that with the Flames being right at the cap limit.

I am hoping people realize what Daryl did for the Flames. They were a non-playoff team going pretty much nowhere. Daryl took this team to the next level, and for that we should always be grateful. Like or dislike, never question his heart for this team. He should be respected for bringing a struggling team out of the ashes and back to life.

There is also a feeling that the Flames were looking for a scapegoat. There were no right answers; basically, the players were not playing up to par. There always has to be a place for the buck to stop at, and to save their own jobs, everyone laid it at Daryl’s feet.

So everyone is wondering what Mr. Jay Feaster has in mind as the new GM for the Flames. First of all, we really need to try to figure out his options.

Option 1

Trading Iggy

Feaster has said over and over again that he is not interested in trading Iggy. He either has a very good poker face, or he really he has no desire to trade him. I am betting on a poker face. As a General Manager. It is his job to explore his options. Like it or not, he has to explore this option.

Option 2

Trading Regehr

I think one of his best options might be trading Regehr. He is a solid defender and he has a cheap cap hit for a number 2 dman. Robin does so many things right in his own zone. He is a great leader who could bring tons of leadership into a locker room. Regehr would be a great asset to any team in the League.

Option 3

Trading Kipper

Trading Kipper may very well be a solid option. Irving is having a career year in Abbotsford. Meanwhile, the Calgary Tower is becoming a very good goalie in his own right, and might very well be ready for the next step. Kipper would get the Flames a pretty hardy return.

Other less drastic options would include trading Glencross and Bourque. There is also Gio and Jbo, but those two are cornerstones to build around. For some reason, Backlund has been benched, but again, that is not an option. Could the Flames get a return for Sarich? I suspect they would, but he has been outstanding this season. At times, he has been our best dman.

It will interesting to watch what Jay’s first move will be. All eyes will be on him.


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