Sunday, December 12, 2010

What are the odds of making the playoffs

So, what happens now?

15th in the Western conference, win one lose one trend continues. 7 points out of a playoff spot with more home games to play then road games. Keep in mind the home record and play has not been good all year!

So what is the issue, the real issue?
That question will be answered almost similar by most people; can’t score, power play sucks and there is no consistency …oh and that Daryl character too! True, so how do you fix it? Many are suggesting Daryl should be fired and some include Brent in that conversation. My opinion is firing Daryl Sutter will not improve this team now, and the same goes for Brent. Yes, Daryl got us into this mess and I agree he should be held responsible. But what can he or any “new” GM do? Too many NTC & NMC included with questionable contracts and a dysfunctional leadership group. Assets such as Iginla and Regehr both are playing extremely well right now, so who do you deal to get value in return? And don’t even say the “K” name! I realize if this team needs a re-build than Daryl should and will probably not be the guy steering that wheel, but at the same time a rebuild is not possible at the moment just based on everything that is tied to this club and the lack of pick quantity at the next draft. Either way to turn this around or the next year and a half will be a tough time for Flames fans.

Let’s break it down:
52 games: 104pts still up for grabs
28 Home games left
24 road games left
On pace for 221 goals for
On pace for 243 goals against
(Projection) 95pts needed to clinch a playoff spot in the West
52 games left 68pts needed to get to 95pts. That means the Flames must play 65.38% hockey for the rest of the season!

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