Sunday, August 29, 2010


According to Jay Feaster the Flames players will report to main camp Friday September 17th, 2010. One thing we can expect is that we will not see many European prospects as Backlund could be the only one. Players like Erixon and Ortio may not see their first NHL camp action until next year!

Flames Jambalaya will be present at the Flames main camp starting Monday September 20th. We will provide you with in-depth analysis, line combinations and many pictures and video! Flames Jambalaya will be open for any questions you may have and we will do our best to get the answer to you. Please feel free to ask us anything you need to know. Training camp is nearby and we are excited to get the ball rolling! It will be our first year and we will be sure to make it a good one! GO FLAMES GO

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Face Off Masters?

First off I want to start by saying; it’s starting to sound like my prediction on Langkow could be wrong! He has not been cleared to skate yet. It is a belief that he will be at main camp but in what role or duties we do not know, he should be skating by then but that will probably not be enough to get him ready for opening day. I trully hope he gets better real soon, we need him.

Since we are talking about a centre man, let us take a look at the centres and their faceoff abilities.

Last season the Calgary Flames were the 3rd worst face off team ahead of Colorado and Edmonton with a whopping 48% win percentage. Compare that stat with the previous few years and it does not look good that the Flames’ last few season face off win percentage looked like this;
’09-’10 48% 28th S.J. Sharks 1st 55.6%
’08-’09 51.3% Tied 8th
’07-’08 49.5% 18th
’06-’07 48.4% 23rd
’05-’06 50.4% 11th

It has definably been up and down the past few years but why so bad last year? Jokinen at 49.3% will get the brunt of the blame from the fans regardless of his stats and followed by Conroy but he was a respectable 51.5%. Together that is an average of 50.4% so clearly there must have been others worse… Let’s look at Langkow the man many believe could become our shut down guy. As much as I like Langkow and I do believe he is a massive part of this team and this team moving forward, his faceoff win % last year was 43.5% and the previous year 46.9%. Those are not pretty numbers and not for a guy who is getting older and will have to fill a more defensive role and win key face-offs.

So how will we improve? When you look at the stats of Stajan and Backlund with their time in Calgary last year they show a glimmer of face off hope. Stajan 52% success rate (51.6% with the Leafs) and Backlund 53.4%, but my pick is Kotalik with 8 face offs taken with the Flames last year he won 5! 62.5%!!!! All kidding aside the Flames have some work to do in that category. My question is, was Backlund and Stajan’s success only because western conference teams didn’t know them too well yet? Or are they going to be the two main guys when it comes to important offensive face offs? I know I can break down the “offensive” and “defensive” zone percentages but why, overall we were terrible last year and it is an item that needs to be fixed in both zones.
Last thing I wanted to throw in some rumoured players’ face off stats from last year just for fun… here you go:
Jeff Carter: 52.4%
Marc Savard: 48.8%
Tomas Fleischmann: 43.1%
Jason Spezza: 50.5%

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flames announce roster for the Young Stars Tournament

The Calgary Flames announced their roster today for the upcoming “Young Stars Tournament” in Penticton, BC. The tourney goes from Sept. 12-16, 2010 at the South Okanagan Events Centre.
The Flames young guns will play the following games:
Sept. 13th vs Anaheim
Sept. 14th vs Edmonton
Sept. 16th vs Vancouver

The Flames roster:
Leland Irving, Matt Keetley and Cam Lanigan

Chris Been, TJ Brodie, Matt Clarke, Joey Leach, Josh Meyers, John Negrin, Giffen Nyren and Keith Seabrook.

John Armstrong, Mikael Backlund, Carter Bancks, Spencer Bennett, Henrik Bjorklund, Lance Bouma, Bryan Cameron, Hugo Carpentier, Michael Ferland, Ryley Grantham, Patrick Holland, Ryan Howse, Logan MacMillan, Greg Nemisz, Gaelan Patterson, Max Reinhart, Jon Rheault and Mitch Wahl.

I am interested to see what Henrik Bjorklund has to bring. The guy can score and is strong on the puck but I hear his skating is lacking. I have heard many different analyses about Henrik so I am excited to make my own! Also great to see Nyren getting another opportunity to show what he has and in a game format not just at a prospect development camp. No JP Lamoureux, Joni Ortio, Tim Erixon, Alex Deilert, Bill Arnold, Aaron Marvin, CJ Severyn or Nick Larson. Some who are getting ready for University and some for their respective European leagues.

Are You Attending The Rookie Young Stars Tournament?

As most of you know, we here (the Jambalaya Family and like to do LIVE TweetCast's of events that most people can't attend to provide a more in depth look at what is going on.

The Young Stars tournament is no exception.

We are looking for people who will be at the tournament that can tweet what they see as it unfolds. We need the help of you to make this a success.

If you are going, let us know ( email ) so we can have your tweets included in our LIVE TweetCast of the Young Stars tournament. This will indeed be a special rookie tournament for all those that get to watch it live.

Stay tuned in September for the Jambalaya families and the LIVE TweetCast and LIVE video footage of the games.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flames current situation

Less than a month before the first preseason game, where are we at?

Did we get that offence?

Jokinen and Tanguay were brought back at a discount price to try and regain their past glory days. We all know what Tanguay will bring with his creativeness and vision of the ice, but will he stay healthy and be willing to dig a little in the corners? With Jokinen I hope we do not know what we are going to get! I hope we see a new player and I think we will, but Flames fans will have to understand that means a more selfish Jokinen. Jokinen is successful when he shoots often, and gets left alone to play his game. I hope he will not be looking to set up Iginla and that he returns to being himself. I think the coaches need to lengthen his leash! We also brought in Stone, Jackman and Ivanans who will fill in on the bottom lines. We will not be looking at them for goals! Hagman, Stajan and Bourque better put up big numbers. I think that Sutter believes they can and that they better! On the current roster we have 9 players who have scored 20+ goals in a season and 3 d-men who have scored 10+ goals in a season. So clearly we have the guys who can score just got to find the chemistry and system that works.

Lots of rumours are floating around Regehr for a skilled forward (Fleischmann, Savard, Simmonds and Semin). Maybe this is an option and Sutter will make a deal to bring in another forward but I have my doubts. I believe what you see now is also what you will see come training camp. That does not mean this is what you will see come the end of training camp. I hope if Sutter is going to deal a major piece like Regehr, that he gets younger talent back. The Flames are currently the 3rd oldest team in the NHL with an average age of 30.278. Trades with Boston and Washington (such as everyone is suggesting), make little sense to me. Both teams are over the cap or right at the cap depending if you believe the Belanger signing by Washington. So why would we deal with them? We would be looking to move salary and so are they…So making the trade; Savard for Regehr straight up, it would do very little for those who want the Flames to shed salary and get younger. Same goes for Washington, Regehr for Fleischmann, yes we shed some salary and yes we’d get a little younger but Washington adds cap space, which they don’t want as they are awaiting to announce the Belanger signing. Regehr rumours have been around all summer but unless something major changes, Robyn will be flying out of YYC for Flames road trips!

Look at the roster… with Stone (injury) and Backlund off of it and we still sit over the salary cap by $2,349,995. This is why everyone keeps suggesting a move is coming, I agree but keep in mind Kronwall will most likely not return (500,000) and Staios or Kotalik is most likely AHL bound and that is how we will get under the salary cap! What about David Moss, is he so safe from relegation? I believe he needs to have a real strong camp or he could find himself in a new environment or playing under Jim Playfair. If Backlund shows he has improved from last year, expect him to be on this team. Some feel he is Abbotsford bound but this team needs to get more creative in the offensive zone and he has the ability to bring that. Also keep in mind he was the best face off man coming down the stretch for this club last year.

On a lighter and end note the goaltending is going to be fun to watch. We get an all new big tender that no one seems to really know and we are all aware of what Kiprussoff will bring. The defence is a nice balance right now White, Bouwmeester and Giordano to fill the quarterback position. While Sarich, Regehr and Staios/Pelech will bring the shutdown and physical presence, with Pardy being the 7th man.

Is our roster really that bad?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Abbotsford Heat On CBC

For Immediate Release

August 18, 2010

ABBOTSFORD BC - The Abbotsford Heat of the American Hockey League (AHL) is pleased to announce in conjunction with the AHL and CBC, that three Abbotsford Heat games will be featured on the CBC this season.

Abbotsford will host the Toronto Marlies (Toronto Maple Leafs affiliate) on Sunday, January 16th, and will travel to Winnipeg to battle the Manitoba Moose (Vancouver Canucks affiliate) on Sunday, January 23rd and Sunday, March 27th.

"Our team is excited about once again being part of the AHL Television Broadcast on the CBC," comments Heat President Tom Mauthe. "The broadcast not only features our team and the AHL to all hockey fans on national television, but also showcases our great facility, (the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre), and the wonderful community and region that the Abbotsford Heat calls home."

The Heat's three game feature on CBC will be part of a ten game AHL package featured on the CBC this season. Last season, the Abbotsford Heat and Toronto Marlies participated in the first AHL game broadcast on the CBC. The game drew a national audience of 200,000 viewers. The ten game 'AHL on CBC' package will feature all Canadian affiliated AHL teams. Attached is the full AHL on CBC schedule...


"AHL on CBC" to feature 10 Sunday afternoons in 2010-11

Sunday, Oct. 17 - Binghamton at Toronto, 1:00 ET

Sunday, Oct. 24 - Oklahoma City at Hamilton, 1:00 ET

Sunday, Nov. 21 - Hamilton at Toronto, 1:00 ET

Sunday, Dec. 12 - Toronto at Hamilton, 1:00 ET

Sunday, Jan. 16 - Toronto at Abbotsford, 2:00 ET

Sunday, Jan. 23 - Abbotsford at Manitoba, 1:00 ET

Sunday, Feb. 27 - Manitoba at Toronto, 1:00 ET

Sunday, Mar. 6 - Hamilton at Toronto, 1:00 ET

Sunday, Mar. 27 - Abbotsford at Manitoba, 1:00 ET

Sunday, Apr. 3 - Manitoba at Toronto, 1:00 ET

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 years?

Raitis Ivanans

I wanted to spend some time looking at the Flames new tough guy; no one seems to know much on this guy so I did some digging.

Sutter has not given a tough guy more than a 1yr deal in a while, look at McGrattan, Godard and Roy all got 1yr deals and did not return to the club! So why did Ivanans get the 2 year one way deal? And his deal is not the league minimum but I guess we should be happy he did not receive Shelley or Boogaard type money!

Raitis is a 31 year old Latvian. 6’4” 240 lbs and seems to want the number 41. He speaks very fluent English and doesn’t seem media shy. Began playing hockey at the age of 7 in Riga Latvia and was encouraged by his father. So why Raitis? Why not bring Mc Baggins back for another year? I did some digging and came up with some stuff on Ivanans that may help these answer questions;

Raitis Ivanans moved to North America in 1997 to play for the Flint Generals. He moved on his own and left his family behind to pursue his dream. He says he was not always a fighter, but due to his size he decided in the minors that he could make a career out of fighting. His strategy according to him is simple: “control the grab hand and swing for the fences, oh and try not to get hit” Seems fairly easy right? Raitis says defending his teammates and providing energy is his second nature and enjoys it every day and because of this, his young daughter will be well protected! Raitis had his first fight when he was 18. The fight didn’t go as well as he wanted and ended up with 2 black eyes and he doesn’t remember much of the event. He made his way through the ECHL, UHL and the AHL and played his first NHL game for Montreal in the ’05-’06 season. He has played 279 more since. His stats aren’t very glamorous by any means; 280 games played 12 goals 8 assists and a solid -39 but we all know offence is not his game, that is why he has 564 NHL penalty minutes. Of those 564 minutes include some from when he elbowed David Moss in the chops and was ejected at the Saddledome.

Ivanans worked as a landscaper and in construction before his hockey career. Raitis acknowledges that a “tough guy” doesn’t usually have too long of a career compared to a playmaker or a sniper. He hopes to stay in hockey somehow when his playing career ends. Although he does not enjoy fighting Boogaard, he truly enjoys his role and the sport of hockey. As a child he knew he would probably have a better career in hockey, than being a basketball player which was another one of his childhood sports.

Ivanans has had 66 career NHL fights which work out to an average of 0.236 fights per game he plays. Raitis fought 14 times last year and according to he went 6-2-6 in those fights.

So in the end… do I know why Sutter gave him a 2 year deal instead of a 1 year deal? No, I don’t but if I were to guess I’d say it is because of his massive right bicep! That sucker is worth an extra year! Or maybe it is because he did a commercial with John Cena (
But all kidding aside, the guy can fight and I see him being needed this coming season, even if it is only for 35 games.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why we are fortunate

Dispite all the up and down emotions and questionable moves made this offseason, we are still extremely fortunate as Flames fans!

Why we are fortunate..

What does every professional sports team want?

A franchise player not just a point producer, a true professional that represents your franchise to the best of his or her capabilities! A role model, someone kids look up to! A leader that his or her peers respect and want to go to war for!
We are so blessed as Flames fans. Like Trevor Linden said at the end of his final NHL game “you are the best player in the game.” Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla is that player for Calgary! His smile and passion for the game is recognized all over the world! Most will tell you he is 10 times more of a player and person than Flames fans had expected on December 19, 1995. But don’t knock off his helmet because he will destroy you!
From gathering the team to pay respects to Trevor Linden, to setting up the Olympic gold medal goal to leading the city of Calgary on a magical franchise restoring Stanley cup run in 2004 to giving back to the community…I could go on all day, what we have is special! Look at Lebron James and Dany Heatley, two star players embarrassing their franchises and making a circus, taking advantage of their fortune and blessed abilities to make a difference while playing a game! I agree it’s their decision and they earned it and that is fine, but that is why Iginla is even more special! He could have done all those things, he could be playing next to Crosby in Pittsburgh, he could have demanded out of Calgary. He could have made some good money off of making a reality show, following him to make a decision where to go! But he didn’t, he stayed true to himself, a “caring” and “motivated” leader and being the face of the Calgary Flames.

Modern day athletes want exposure, money, fame and hope a championship will follow. Not Iginla he is fine with spending the summer in Kelowna with his family staying out of the lime light. Searching for new ways to improve himself and contribute to his team. Calling into radio and TV shows expressing his excitement for recent transactions made by his boss and promising to improve and continuing to build the team he loves!

We as fans sometimes under value and under appreciate what we have! So I ask you; what if we did not have Iginla the past 6 years, what would the Calgary Flames be?
Every year I am upset hearing some fans demand Iginla to be traded…Why? I get that you can get prospects and that change is needed at some point but that change should not be Iginla! My dream is the same as Iginla’s, watching him raise the Stanley cup as a Calgary Flames player, and that means if it will take another 4 years so be it! Many deserving players go a career without winning a championship. I guess I am one who does not see Iginla being one of them; I just hope it will be with the Calgary Flames.

I am proud to have him as our captain, who wears the flaming “C” better than anyone! In my eyes we are a fortunate bunch!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Conroy back!

Craig Conroy will be a Flames player for another season. According to the fan 960, Conroy has agreed to a 1year deal with the Flames.

2 way deal at league minimum. Conroy who will be 39 in September had 15 points last season. Conroy will most likely fill in on the 3rd or 4th line and on the penalty kill unit. I do not see Conroy filling a full time role. That is if he makes the team!

Although this deal is still fresh. I believe a significant deal must be in the works or the Langkow injury situation is more serious than expected. Wait and see………

Monday, August 9, 2010

Flames Summer Rumours

Flames Rumours…

A few people have messaged me on Twitter asking what my opinion is on the rumours surrounding the Flames so I decided I would answer all in one…

Regehr to the Kings for Simmonds or Moller- As addressed in my previous post, I do not believe this offer is on the table. But if this is available to Sutter, and Regehr is willing to waive his “no movement” clause I think Regehr for Simmonds is nearly a no brainer for the Flames! We have plenty of D-men, we need cap space and young talent.

Regehr for Connolly or Savard- Savard has stated he will only waive his “no trade” clause to Ottawa or Toronto. That can change but my gut tells me this will not happen…Connolly makes no sense to me. Why acquire a 2nd line centre at 4.5mill cap hit, who is often injured and we have Stajan who can do the same thing as Connolly, at a cheaper price and younger.

Langkow retiring or missing all of the ‘10-’11 season- For the ones who think Langkow is done and possibly retiring…think again, Jay Feaster said Langkow is getting better. I believe Langkow could be at camp or like Ryan Stone could return early in the season. I believe retirement is totally out of the question! Langkow is an important part of this team, regardless of what numbers he put up last season.

Kotalik AHL/KHL- Most have Kotalik as good as gone and his 3 mill will be off our cap! Here is the way I look at it: Like Feaster said he will be at camp, so we’ll give him a look and probably demote him to the AHL and he may chose to leave to the KHL if that is the case. Now what if he actually plays in the AHL and lights up the league and the Flames are struggling not scoring goals…would fans cry out to call him up? Keep in mind how close we are to the cap. I believe if Kotalik comes off the books it will be after pre-season. Same goes for Staios. People sometimes under estimate the character of a player; Kotalik wants to play in the NHL and produce, regardless of what you believe the man has pride. I don’t believe he will just walk away without at least making an attempt to show Calgary what he can do, he has a contract and he isn’t going to make the decision easy on Sutter who he waived his no trade for!

Backlund for Ladd- This was a wild and ridiculous rumour that swirled around for about 5 minutes and was totally fiction.

I have not heard anything else surrounding the Flames so if you have a rumour feel free to contact me I will look into it for you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Robyn Regehr To The Kings?

Robyn Regehr- The player that the Flames chose to complete the Theo Fleury trade to Colorado in 1999. The youngest nominee for the NHL Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, after his horrific accident where he broke both legs and was not expected to recover so fast let alone play hockey! He quickly became a physical and fan favourite defence man in Calgary and got lots of attention across the league... So why is Regehr the one everyone wants out of town to clear cap space? Rumours are flying around that the Los Angeles Kings are hot on Sutter’s heals to trade Regehr to sunny California, and offering young studs like Simmonds or Moller. But is it true? I don’t believe Dean Lombardi is offering Simmonds straight up for Regehr, if he is why hasn’t Sutter done that trade? Is it because Regehr won’t waive his “no movement” clause? Possibly…but his wife is from California so if not LA does that mean Regehr won’t waive it to any team? So let’s analyse the pros and cons to this trade for both teams…

- Need a d-man to help buffer up young guys like Doughty, Teubert and Johnson and fill in for the “physical” hole due to the injured Matt Greene. They have a lot of young forwards and prospects to make a deal possible without hurting their future.
-Have 13million in cap space so money is not a major issue. Keep in mind Doughty, Johnson and Simmonds (assuming he is not dealt for Regehr) all need new RFA contracts after next season but Williams, Ponikarovsky and Handzus come off the books, so yes no real cap issues in acquiring Regehr.
-Regehr has not had the best of seasons in the past 2 years and does not really offer any sort of offensive skill to your team. But Regehr is a +70 since 2004 and has not ended a season in a negative +- since 2003. But if Regehr does not improve over his last season the Kings may be better off taking Staios because he would be awfully similar yet cheaper and only 1yr left on his deal.

-Flames have plenty of d-men (8) on a 1 way contract and are fairly deep on the farm with guys like Pelech, Negrin and Seabrook with Erixon down the line.
-Need cap space!!!
-Need a young cheap offensive skilled forward to help on the right wing and provide goals. Simmonds could provide that and Moller would provide a flashy speedy center that could play on the right side. But if Staios is the one to go, Flames won’t get anything near a Simmonds or Moller in return!
-Only cons I could think of is the leadership and quality we would lose in a guy like Regehr. Say what you will but a +70 in the past 6 season means he can play and gets the job done! And another is that the Kings have lots of options left including trying to acquire Kaberle.

So if this rumour is true why not do it? Doesn’t it make sense for both teams? If this trade does not go through and I believe it won’t. I will be content and be excited to see ol’ Reggie back in red supporting #28 and taking care of Kipper!

Little Info On Who I Am

Who is this guy blogging on Flames Jambalaya and why is he blogging about the Flames? Well I can answer those questions; I thought it would be fair to give SOME background on myself to you Flames Jambalaya fans.

My name is Dearen (Darren) and I moved to Canada from Belgium in 1999. I moved here with very little hockey knowledge but that quickly changed. All I knew about the NHL was that I once saw an Anaheim Mighty Ducks jersey hanging in a Belgian sports store and I knew Brett Hull (powerfull slapslot) played for Dallas thanks to NHL 99 for N64. When I moved I began following the game and quickly started following the Flames thanks to my new friends in school who would make fun of them. I saw the dark days of no playoffs and the lack of support which led to the Flames & Oilers scratch ticket which I purchased regularly to support my team combined with driving 1.5 hrs in snow to watch live games.

My best friend’s cousin began playing for the Kootenay Ice of the WHL. “Jason Jaffray,” we followed him and the team constantly. I met guys like Dan Blackburn, Jared Stoll, Mike Comrie, Steve Mc Carthy and later on when Jason got traded to Swift Current, guys like Ian White and Duncan Milroy. What this did was show me the other side of the business and it intrigued me to study the prospects and the financial side of the sport.

I continued to follow the Flames and soon became hooked, and became one of the “crazy” fans. I would get totally defensive of people attacking the Flames. I would be studying salaries, following prospects and so forth and by 2002 I was a full on Calgary Flames Junkie who couldn’t get enough! Sure we were a losing team but V. Bure, Saprykin and Turek were small lights of hope but those quickly went away. But the one constant was Iginla! And then it happened 2004, do I need to say more?

I am recently engaged and continue to be a “crazy” flames fan! My fiancĂ©e was converted to a flames fan from being what I call a “loose no knowledge Oilers fan” and now supports her own Flames jersey (red one not pink) with her own name and number on the back! I hope you will enjoy my blogs in agreement or disagreement and I will accept all feedback. I am just excited to share my thoughts and hear yours! GO FLAMES GO


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heritage Classic

Heritage classic- February 20 2010 the Calgary Flames will take part in the organizations first outdoor heritage classic game. Flames will take on the Montreal Canadiens at McMahon Stadium the current home of the Calgary Stampeders.

At first reaction we all think about the weather and let’s face it regardless of how we want it, it is completely out of our control. I am sure it will be cold with an afternoon Chinook followed by some wet snow! Next thing is the Jersey; I have seen every comment possible “ugly” “disappointing” “brutal” “hideous” and so on. I do not mind them it has some history behind them as we will be wearing the colors of the 1924 Calgary Tigers who lost the Stanley cup to Montreal Canadiens that year. I understand we could have used the “horse” jersey or the “Atlanta flames” jersey, but are the jerseys that bad?

Next I noticed Steve Staios was at the press conference. Steve Staios… will he even be playing for the flames come February 20th? So why was he there? Was he one of the only players around and willing to be there? Or is it because the Abbotsford Heat will play a game at Mc mahon too? Staios seems to be the guy everyone wants gone to clear the cap issues and make room for a Pelech, Negrin or Seabrook. But with 8 defenseman on a one way contract at an average of $2.762 million cap hit per player, you can bet something most likely will happen with one of them.

I am extremely excited for the event; I hope the Heat will also play a game so we can see the prospect in our own yard. But just to be able to be at an outdoor hockey game watching my favourite team play is something I always dreamed of after watching the Edmonton vs Montreal game back in 2004.

Flames Jambalaya... The Wait Is Over

Expect some major changes around here. Flames Jambalaya is alive!

The wait is over....
Flames Jambalaya is in no way, shape or form associated with the Calgary Flames Hockey Club or the AHL affiliate, the Abbotsford Heat. This is a fans blog for fans. We just happen to love the Flames, so we write about it.