Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flames back in it or are they?

Hold the Phones

Although the Western conference is a log jam, the Flames are back in the mix after a very entertaining 4-3 shootout victory in Vancouver.

We have seen this before where the Flames win some games and has believing they are a good team making a serious push; but this time is it different? Maybe, we got embarrassed by the Wild last week and sadly to say it will happen again before the season is up! My take is that this team has turned a page; they have been playing above average hockey in their last 10+ games. The effort is there (minus the Minnesota game) and Iginla looks like a man on a mission, driving to the net again and being a physical factor are positive signs for this team. Is the team back? Or is it a little too late? Both can be argued. But as a fan, I can’t help feel a little optimistic.

So what does Feaster do? If you drive past his front lawn you will see Matt Stajan and Ales Kotalik with a “free, leave a donation” sign in front of them. But what about the rest of the team, like Regehr and Hagman? Some have said including Feaster that he has been very active on the phone but can he really mess with the team right now? The organization is still committed to making the Playoffs this year and right now is the closest they have been all year. Plus, despite Kiprusoff’s recent woes, the team is getting points.

My take for the fans that are waiting on a big trade to show us in which direction the team is going, you might have to wait until the end of February. There is a big chance that no move is made at all and the team stays together and gets an opportunity to make the playoffs. It seems to me this club will be in the mix until the very end, and although I still don’t buy this team being part of the dance come play offs, I do want this team to stay committed to the play offs, at least until February 28th.

Last thing is the constant rumours of Regehr. After the past 2 games I question if Regehr should be shopped. In my opinion what Regehr is bringing right now cannot be taken out of this team at the moment. And with his contract situation and his NTC, a return that doesn’t hurt the team today is not possible at the moment. I don’t see Regehr being traded but I didn’t see Phaneuf being dealt either.


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