Thursday, January 27, 2011


The Calgary Flames are now looking like a team on a mission, and their goalie seems to be their secret agent man Kipper. Kipper was back, especially the second period of last night's game. The Flames played a textbook first period. They waited the Blues out, and gave them nothing. Moss scores the only goal of the period. A boring but effective period by the Flames.

The second period, the Flames were sloppy, but their goalie was in one of his moods, and pretty much was the story of the game. He was outstanding in the second, making several saves. The Flames' powerplay has been good, as Moss scores a goal early in the second. But then the Blues take control of the period, and the Flames stop skating. The Flames get a great goal in the last two minutes, on a great pass by Olli.

The Flames have to start skating like they did in the first period. They have to cover their own zone and be defensive. The Blues break the shutout in the third period as Phillip McRae scores his first ever goal on a scramble in front of the net. The Blues pretty much dominated the rest of the game and rob Steen and then Pietrangelo, who are going to have nightmares after this game. Kipper was outstanding in the third. He was very sharp in holding the fort. Iggy scores a empty net goal to end the game 4-1.

The Flames might have taken the Blues too much for granted. They wereflat footed a lot in the third period and had trouble with the Blues' speed. The defence were pretty solid, despite giving up a whole lot of shots in the third period.

The Good

The powerplay has been improving of late, and they did well tonight as they got two more pp goals. I like the passing and moving around of the puck. The unit was working as one getting the puck to the net and making perfect passes. A great showing by the unit.

The Ugly

Too many scoring chances for the Blues. The defense was too timid. Flames have to stand up better in their own zone. They were not sharp in the second and third periods. If they want to continue to progress in the standings, they have to play better in their own zone.

The Great

Kipper was great with the saves off of Backes, Pietrangelo, and finally Steen. He kept the Blues' scoring to one goal. If it wasn't for him, this game could have been worse. You can thank Kipper for the fourth win in a row.

Final 4-1.

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