Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flames Lose to Canes In A SO 6-5

The Calgary Flames continue to have these mental breakdowns. Seriously, defence is making bad panic giveaways and the forwards are not there to help. Granted, the officiating was really weak tonight. But the Flames gave the officials reasons to make the calls. Adam Pardy, who has been really consistent this season, had a rough night tonight; but he was alone. The defence really has to stop making blind clears, but the forward are way too slow. The speed on this team was bad. Tonight, Kipper was . . . well, awful, and the Flames players looked like the spirit was just kicked right out of them. What really concerns me is that he has not been that sharp in his last two starts.

In the first period, the Flames deserved a better fate, as Jbo makes a great shot to open a one-zip lead. The Flames start out well, killing a 5-on-3 powerplay in the first period. In fact, Glencross almost scores on the penalty kill. Glencross had a great period, as did most of the Flames. The Canes get a shaky goal to tie it by Rutu. Iggy then put the Flames up 2-1, as the first line scores. Iggy looks like he is pumped right now. The Canes score another one as Jussi Jokinen gets that one back. The first period produces 4 goals.

Here it is: the Flames had a great first period. Most things went well, including killing a 5-on-3 powerplay. I was very encouraged.

The second period was ugly. The Canes scored early and often, as Kipper lets in 2 goals on two shots. Erik Cole scores early in the second, but the Flames are not playing that badly. But then the goal of the night (not really) as Staal scores a very weak shot. Karlsson comes in and is outstanding, despite giving up the fifth goal as Jussi Jokinen puts it 5-2. But the Flames do let up on that fifth goal; the spirit seems to go out of them. In fact, I thought it was going to be another goal, but the Flames hold the fort. Just when you think the game is over, Hagmen makes a great takeaway and shoots a great shot in the top corner, and the Flames cut it to 5-3.

If you want the truth, the Flames really have not played that badly. At times, the defence has been sloppy in their own zone, but if Kipper was his usual self, the Flames would have won this game. I wonder if this game would have ended differently if Sutter had taken Kipper out at the start of the second period. Karlsson deserved a better fate; for his play as he was very good.

The third period might have been the Flames' best third period, as Hagman makes one of the best behind-the-back passes to Glencross to put it 5-4. A great play by Hagmen. The Flames tie the game, thanks to Bourque, a great play by Morrison to keep the puck alive to give Bourque a chance to score on the rebound. The Flames play a solid third period. They were skating and could have easily won the game in regulation, which cost them the 2 points.

The OT was all Canes, but Karlsson would hold the fort. He was outstanding. Bourque takes a bonehead penalty, but the Canes don't take advantage of the break. Karlsson makes the save of the game at the end of the overtime, with a mad scramble in front. The Flames lose the game in a shootout as Skinner scores the only goal. As a Flames fan, I will take the point. 6-5 Canes in a shootout.

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