Monday, January 3, 2011

Flames lose to the Isles.

The Calgary Flames have a problem, and the problem is on the second line and third line: they are non-existent. Morrison and Stajan somehow have to wake up their lines soon. Bourque has really been fighting the puck. He has lost his confidence. Meanwhile, Stajan looks totally confused. He just is not looking like he is getting the system.

The Flames were on a roll going into the game tonight, but the second and third lines did not work. The Flames were simply awful tonight. They could not have been worse in that first period. Basically, they were not playing with any energy. The Isles deserve some of the credit; the Flames took them for granted.

Robin Regehr really struggled tonight, making mistakes that he normally does not make. Jbo pitched in where there was really nothing to pitch in on. The front line was all right, but did not offer any help for the fourth line.

Morrison and Kotalik really need to pick up their games. They have both been struggling. Even in the four-game winning streak, they were struggling. Tonight they looked disinterested. They looked like they had somewhere else to go.

Jackman and Moss continue to be the best players game after game. Moss was outstanding. In reality, he was in a league of his own. Moss was constantly skating and hitting everything he saw. He was getting the message: “play defence first, and the offence will take care of itself.” But unfortunately, the fourth line was the only line.

I already mentioned Regehr earlier on the defence, but he was not alone. Pardy and Sarich did not have the best of nights. They were often caught by the Isles' speed. Jbo was alright tonight. He was the best of the defence, but even he was making errors, making errant or blind passes. Gio was too busy trying to force the issue offensively.

When the Flames play the speed game, they get outworked and start making lazy plays. The Flames have to remember what kind of team they are. They are a solid, hardworking team; they take care of their end first. When they forget who they are, they play a game like this. The Isles spank the Flames 5-2.

Mr. Feaster is telling everyone that will listen that the core will stay. He considers the core to be Regehr, Jbo, Iggy, and Kipper. I hate to tell you this; we really don't have that much more to offer for a rebuild. Well, at least we're not going to get any first or second rounders coming our way. When Bourque is playing like he can, he is worth a first or second round. So is Stajan. Hagmen might be close, if he is playing up to his abilities.

The problem is that Hagmen, Stajan, and Bourque are nowhere near their game. They are all struggling. The only players who are playing their games are considered to be the core and are untouchable. How is Feaster going to be able to talk to the other General Managers with a straight face and say he has something to offer, other than the core? Unless, of course, Jay is not being completely honest with the media. Perish the thought. I am not saying one of the core will be traded; I am just saying that Feaster would be a fool not to consider it.


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