Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Rumour Mill

Rumours Rumours Rumours
43 days until the NHL Trade Deadline

With the Flames current position in the Western Conference, the team has been in constant trade rumour talk across the league. Some seem a little crazy and some are fairly reasonable. So on this Sunday I wanted to take some time and address those rumours.

First one I would like to start off with is the constant Iginla to “everywhere” rumour. Feaster continues to be loud and clearly states that he is not dealing Iginla this season. I guess it depends if you believe him or not, but I can’t help but believe him. With how the team is currently playing and as long as the team gets 4 out of 6 possible points every three games, trading Iginla becomes more and less likely. Both Feaster and Dean Lombardi have said the teams have had zero discussions regarding Iginla. Although Milbury may not agree with Feaster, I do.

Then there is Robyn Regehr, a man who has almost played 800 games in a Flames uniform. Regehr has been linked to the Rangers, Kings and the Habs. All those teams could use him but first he needs to be healthy again. And yes he is actually injured. Also teams will have to accept taking on his salary and give up picks or prospects because Feaster has said he is not interested in making a salary for salary trade. If I had to pick a team out of the three, I still think the Kings are the most realistic team to be able to land Regehr, if indeed he is being moved. On the other hand, Babchuk might be the guy who gets moved instead. His play as of late and his cheap contract make him very attractive to a lot of NHL teams going in to the playoffs.

Alex Tanguay to LA; again it makes sense and is possible but until this team is out of the play off running this will not happen. Tanguay is an attractive guy for teams based on his salary and his creativeness is welcome on any team. Some believe Tanguay will not waive his NTC. I believe Alex would, he signed a low end one year contract so he can have less pressure and rebound. Tanguay is out to get a new contract come July 1st. Playoff hockey will only help his cause, and with his 32 points so far he has caught the attention of some teams.

Other attractive players the Flames could be shopping include Staios, Bourque, Morrison and Glencross. I realize Staios has played very little and has had some injury troubles, but for a low end draft pick the Flames could ship the veteran off to a team that wants to bulk up the d-core for the playoffs. Bourque has disappeared. Rene has been making lazy mistakes and his confidence is shot. But there is no denying when Bourque is on (which new scenery could spark), you have a top six forward that is a difference maker.

A player to keep an eye is Nicklas Bergfors. Atlanta is in contention for a playoff spot and might be a small buyer. Calgary offers some players that Atlanta would benefit from. With Bergfors’ contract situation and the talks not going so well he could be a guy that becomes very attractive for Jay Feaster. No inside information here just a hunch and I would put Mikkel Boedker in there as well.

Who knows if this team continues to get points and stay relevant, Feaster may become a buyer come February instead of a seller… not sure that is what you wanted to hear.

Last note: The Calgary Flames have declined the option to begin the season in Europe next season. The stop would have included Finland the home of Kiprusoff, Hagman, Jokinen and Joni Ortio.


  1. So do you think their decision not to start in Europe could be because they are going to trade one or more of those named players, cause there seems to be a lot of talk around Kiprusoff as well...

  2. Thats a fair assesment. Ken King said that the organization needs to focus on other things before a trip to Europe. So whatever that mean lol but yes if the team sells than why go to Europe.


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