Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time for Changes.

I really think there is a major problem here in Calgary, whether it's the system or the goalie or the defence. The Flames have this bad habit of just not acting interested in playing a full 60 minutes. Last night I am not sure they played a full 10 minutes like they are capable of.

Kipper was . . . well, bad last night. Yes, he had company, but let's face facts; he is fighting the puck like he never has before. He is acting like he is afraid of the puck. He seems to have lost his confidence. Then the team start playing nervous, like they can't make a mistake. Which results in a 6-0 whipping laid by the Wild.

So what happened last night? Well, where do I start? Seriously, if you want me to tell you everything that went wrong, we will be here all night.

So let's begin with the defence. Too many times standing around, fighting the puck. Gio is really having trouble right now. He looks like he is taking all of this on his own. He was caught flat-footed and has to step back and realize he can't do everything himself. Pardy has not been the same since Regehr came back. Pardy has gone back to playing with no confidence. Jay Bo has been good most of the time, but he still looks totally uncomfortable with the system. The defence really has to pick up its speed; the Wild forwards skated circles around them.

Before we get into the forwards, let's discuss tonight. Horrible. Glencross lost his head and made a horrible mistake, Curtis is lucky he did not get more. You have to think the League will look into it further. The Flames almost scored. They had some major momentum and looked like they were going to make some noise. The 5 minute major killed any momentum they had after that shift.

Morrison really struggled tonight, and just maybe Sutter deserves some of the blame. The coach has to put his players in position to succeed. Putting Morrison on the first line may not have been the best position. Hagman on the fourth line is a real head-scratcher. I really don't understand it. As a result, Hagman struggled. He looks lost and totally frustrated. I am not sure he does knows what is expected of him.

The Flames had a terrible first period and gave up 2 goals in the first ten minutes. They really never recovered. But in reality, they never pushed back, they fell back. They had no get-up-and-go. The second period was Glencross' penalty, and the powerplay let them down again. This is like a broken record. Please fix it. Because this powerplay right has too many scratches and needs to be declined. (Did you see the pun there?)

During the third period they quit. They gave up three more goals. And you know what? That really worries me. I have never seen a Sutter team give up as much as this team folded its tent. I really feel it's time to do something quick. Please see the light, Jay, it's time to pull the plug. 6-0 final Wild.


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