Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Should the Flames Trade Glencross?

What’s your take, should Glencross be dealt or resigned?

Both options are being discussed quite heavily and many mixed opinions are out there. But is Jay Feaster doing the same? Or has he made up his mind?

You have a player whose contract is up at the end of the year and is playing his best hockey of his career in the midst of all the teams’ success, and is a massive reason for the recent offensive splurge by the club! At a cap hit of 1.2 million, and only $348,387 left to be paid to him any team can acquire the winger with no real cap restrictions.

I stated earlier in the year after the team acquired Kostopoulos (who has another year left), that Glencross was on the way out. I still feel that way, I admit that Glencross is playing a big part but I also have seen his inconsistency and the “bad” penalties that come with him. I really hope Feaster does not make a decision based on a hot steak (AKA Stajan) and be stuck with a significant contract moving forward. A player that comes to mind is Colby Armstrong, a physical and fun guy that can score a few goals. Armstrong received a 9 million 3 year deal, due to those attributes. So does Glencross get the same? If so I sure hope the Flames are not that team who grants him that contract!

I also understand the people who want him to stay! His play at the moment is extremely tough to take out of the line-up and Glencross is a guy that will mean a lot in a playoff series. My question is; can this team afford to let his value walk come July 1st without getting any value in return?

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