Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flames Continue to Hold on

We Still Have Life After a roller coaster ride of a game Saturday night versus the Oilers, the Flames find themselves with a weak pulse. I would like to begin by giving Iginla and Staios some props after last night. Both played great and Staios looked like a young offensive defenseman and was rewarded with the game tying goal! Iginla was focused and played with a purpose and you could feel his intensity through the TV screen all game long! I have been greatly disappointed with Regehr and Bouwmeester the past 2 weeks and last night was no different. Bouwmeester had a couple good shifts early on in the game but I felt he digressed as the game went along. I understand Regher and Bouwmeester play a lot of minutes and against top forwards but last night they got worked by AHL’ers. These two need to step up and play big if this team wants any chance of even making it past Wednesday’s game. After going -3 Backlund still received plenty of ice time and almost tied Iginla in time on ice, due to injuries Backlund is getting the extra time and although his effort is certainly there, he needs to make quicker decisions and keep it simple! Now let’s look ahead, Anaheim who look like the “Mighty” Ducks again are playing well and their stars and being stars! Clearly the Ducks belong in the top eight of the West but if the Flames plan to play in the playoffs, they have to knock this surging club off. If the Flames cannot pull out two clean points without giving a point to the Ducks, I believe we can kiss our playoff dreams goodbye. This is “THE” game. I hope the Flames crowd comes to cheer but mostly let’s hope our players come to play. Not sure what this club needs to get motivated and show up but if they can’t on Wednesday than I hope this club gets blown up in the offseason. But for now there is only one thing to say! “GO FLAMES GO”

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