Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keep cheering!

What Now?

With a three game losing streak in full effect! and both center men Morrison and Moss seriously injured, what happens next? The depth brought in with Carson and Modin in case of injures have not helped, resulting in Ales Kotalik being re-called! Also keep in mind that Backlund has been giving the task to play on the top line while this team attacks a massive task in trying to retain a playoff spot. Needless to say a lot is stacked up against this club!
Even though everything is beginning to look bleak, something tells me it is not over yet and I will say this team will be in the playoff dance! I know, I know… the team has looked bad for the past week and the effort seems to be missing! But I believe in the veteran leadership and the voice of Brent Sutter coming down on the players. Also adding the whole hockey world is back down on this club and we get games against the AVS and Oilers. In all that, I still see playoffs and success!
Like I have said before, the Californian road trip that starts Sunday will decide the faith of this team. So hook up that heart monitor and cheer loud! Even if you think it’s already over…like you’re really not going to watch? In my opinion it is not over yet!


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