Monday, May 23, 2011

That Extra Point

Get rid of the point for a loss in extra time.
Just a quick opinion

The NHL rewards teams for an overtime and shootout loss with a single point and I can’t stand it. Not only does the road team play it safe but the last ten minutes of a regular season game becomes boring at times.

Why reward a team for a loss? Why reward a place kicker in the CFL for missing a field goal that can’t be run out? I have asked that question when I started watching CFL and now more and more each year I ask myself the same thing about hockey games. Is OT hockey good? I think it is extremely exciting and the 4 on 4 method works fine for me. I believe if you remove the extra point and reward the winning team in regulation with 3 points and 2 point for an OT/SO win the overall product would be better. I know right away many will say “but that will result some teams finishing with 140+ points at the end of the year” Sure but what does that matter. Right now many teams including the Flames seem like a better team because they gain the “loser” point more often than other teams. If you have 2 teams enter the third period tied and 3 points are up for grabs before the end of the period, I believe the intensity and overall product fans would see on the ice would be way better than it is now during the regular season!

Now the shootout, I don’t oppose against it but at the same time it is not my preferred way of ending the game. I understand the fan appeal and cool tricks you get to see. Both teams have earned a point and most times one team needs that extra point more than the other. Now could you imagine if you lose in the shootout and get no points? Maybe you are not like me, but that would once again intensify the situation and push the players to be even more creative and leave coaches scratching their heads to make sure the right guy is out there. I do understand that fans come to a game to see a team win, and I agree completely but is rewarding the losing team necessary?

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