Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And Erixon is a Ranger

And he is a goner!

Flames highly touted prospect Tim Erixon does not sign and gets traded to the New York Rangers.
The Calgary Flames trade D-man Tim Erixon & the 5th rd pick in this year’s draft for prospect Roman Horak and two second round picks in this year’s draft. I don’t solely blame Feaster but it shows that the organization has some serious work to do. We are stuck with high salaries and many NMC/NTC clauses and that is Sutter’s fault, but Feaster was brought in to fix the issues and this is not a good start.

Disappointed is my first feeling, clearly Tim Erixon did not want to sign here and preferred New York. When you opened the Flames fridge you saw a lot of fruit cups, some left over spaghetti but you also saw that nice slice of salmon that made your taste buds water. But now you come home and that salmon is gone and you have some black forest ham in its place and coupon flyers on your counter. I know my analogy is lame but reality is our supplies and cupboard is bare!
On the flip side we have a first round pick and two second round picks in this year’s draft. Meaning we need to figure out how to maximize those picks and re-stock the fridge! The scouts are probably excited since they now get to select 3 guys in the top 100 instead of 1 in the top 100.

The situation sucks and I was very excited to see Erixon develop with the Flames but it was not meant to be and now we must move forward…Easier said than done.

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