Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Draft Strategy

Trying to figure out what Jay Feaster will do is not a magic trick, but it really has little guessing and luck to it. I compare it to trying to guess what my wife wants on her birthday. After about 10 tries, you finally get what she wants.

What have the Flames have told the media and the fans? The problem is that it is all up for the interpretation. This much we do know - the Flames are not going to use buy-outs. Which means that Kotalik or Hagman will not be bought out.

Jay Fester also has been quoted as saying that the Flames are open to the option of moving up or down in the draft. The Flames could easily move up with their two picks in the second round. But I don’t want them giving up the two second round picks to do it; the Flames need those picks.

The Flames do have plenty of options to shop Regehr or Bourque, plus their first round pick to move up. This is the way I think the Flames should go, not by trading their second round picks. The Flames really also need to clear cap for the signing of Tangs.

I firmly believe that the Flames are desperate to sign Tangs. Iggy really wants him; from what we have heard, it is the money that is stalling negations in the Tangs talks.

What would I do if I was Feaster? Move down a couple of spots for extra picks. I also would go after Sven Bartschi, a skilled winger. There are plenty of skilled forwards later in the draft, who would fit the bill.

I would also make every effort to sign Tangs and dump some major cap to do so.

Of course I am not the Flames GM, so watch them do the exact opposite to what I say. It will be interesting to see what the Flames do in the draft next week. After the draft, I will try to address free agents.


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