Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Weekend That was

The news came is in on a trade made official Saturday morning as Robyn Regehr and Alex plus a 2nd in 2012, for Paul Bryon and Chris Butler.

In Butler, the Flames get a potential stay-home dman who has some potential for being a top 5 dman on the team. That won’t happen for a bit, but the potential is there. From what I have heard, Butler has some solid defensive zone play. He hits hard and plays his game. He is a typical stay-home defensemen with a no-nonsense style.

In Bryon, the second player, you have small, talented winger who has some great offensive upside. His disadvantage is his size, but on the bright side, have been small players who have made it in the league. Bryon has soft hands and has put up impressive numbers in the past.

Obviously the Flames lose one of the best stay-home defensemen in the league. Robyn is known for his character, and his leadership will be missed. It is common knowledge that it is no fun playing against Regehr; he hits you again and again. He clears people in front of the net and plainly hurts people.

Of course, the Kotalik part is giving Flames straight cap relief. This move was to save the Flames owner some cash. In reality, Alex would never have played for the Flames. The Flames were basically going to eat his hit with the Heat.

The immediate reaction from the Flames fans is: you have to be kidding! But in defense of the Flames, there was a need to make room for Tanguy. It is a necessary evil of the cap world.

The Flames used the cap relief to sign Alex Tanguay to a 5-year, $17 million contract, which I assume has an NTC . The Flames really needed to do this. There was a lot of pressure on them seeing as Iggy wanted it done. To add to the pressure, Alex went public that he wanted to stay, so you had to know that come hell or high water, this deal was going to be done. Unfortunately, it was hell, with the loss of one of the best stay-home defensemen in the league.

The Flames were willing to pay the price, but was it the right one? Before I answer that, I thought I would clarify what Jay meant when he said the Sabres had the best offer. I suspect that they were the only offer where there was no cap coming back. The offer from the Sabres is what the Flames needed in order to fit Alex and Babchuck under the cap. As a result, it hurts me to say, but yes it was the right move.

I would be shocked if the Flames are done. I am still expecting the Flames to be going after another forward. The main reason is that I do not believe the Flames will keep Hagman and his $3 million dollar cap hit on their roster. There is also Matt Stajan’s awful $3.5 million contract hindering the Flames. There are a lot of questions still to be answered. Now comes the fun part, as we wait for the answers.


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