Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Something New In The Works

Today General Manager Jay Feaster spoke at the luncheon today no big deal right? But Jay Feaster hinted today that he might be able to acquire a number one center before the start of training camp. Which leaves us with alot of unanswered questions like for example. Who does Jay have his eye on? Is he acquiring via trade or a free agent? And who are we going to have to give up?

A lot of Flames Fans are already frustrated that no "big moves" have been made. But alot of Flames Fans don't know how hard his job is at this time because of all of the "Untouchable Contracts" the team is faced with. Flames Fans keep writing off the Reggie trade but that's what he had to do to fix the cap issues and also Feaster wanted to get younger and this off season he has. But the signing of Tanguay, Morrison and Babchuk makes Feaster back in "Cap Jail"

But i believe i know a few solutions to what might happen.
First off the only logical player on the Flames that we can trade for a number one center is the offensively disappointing Jay Boumeester.
Why i think he should go is because hes overpaid for what he does and the Flames have plenty of Defense to fill the hole in that spot. Yes guys will have to step up but i think its worth it plus dropping a contract like that would be greatly helpful to the Flames organization. But who is willing to give up a number one center? There hard to come by.

Another solution i heard from a few people is bring Alexi Yashin in for cheap.
But i think that would defeat the purpose of what Jay Feaster is wanting to do. He wants to get younger not older. So that rumor is unlikely in my opinion. But really anything can happen. Jay is full of surprises just like the Richards offer he made was a major shocker to many of us Flames Fans.
A few centers I can see in a Flames uniform this year are
Vincent Lecavalier, Spezza , and Zajac.
Why those three is simple a lot of rumors have been surrounding the Flames talking to teams like the Devils and Ottawa. Both those teams want Jaybo so its possibly they might give up a center for him. But Lecavalier is a long shot but unlikely. Feaster seems to like to go after Tampa players so it could be possible to occur.

But I'd like to hear from you guys in the comments who you think Feaster wants for a number one center. And what the trade could be.

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  1. Please no Vinny!! And Spezza is always hurt or not happy. Yashin is old and washed up also...sad to say it but I cant see the Flames having a #1 center unless Langkow or Backlund blow expectations out of the water.


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