Friday, July 8, 2011

The Scramble

The Scramble

Jay Feaster continues to say things like; “we are not done” & “guys are getting traded” but who and when?

With Iginla, Tanguay, Giordano and Kiprussoff being ‘un-touchable’ what intrigues a team to want to trade with the Flames and potentially give up quality? Maybe with the recent deals handed out in free agency, players like Bourque and Stajan become more attractive. But can those guys really bring back something that can drastically improve the Flames? I don’t think so. Some teams are looking to add salary and that may open the door for Hagman and his three million to leave the team. Hagman could add some third line depth and a potential 15 goal campaign with his great shot, but he won’t get us a return worth talking about. So how does Jay believe he can change this team since he says they are not rebuilding? Here is my take:

Feaster is looking for a steal of a deal, which is rare and extremely tough to strike. So he will throw this team at the wall and see what sticks. If the team succeeds- great! If not, he will see what he can deal come deadline day. But come season’s end the Flames will see over 17 million come off the books and Feaster can really begin creating “his” team. But with another relatively weak UFA class coming next year I do not think he can do it via free agency. Drafting seems to be that method but that will take a few years and a few years of the finishing near the bottom. I am a little confused in what direction this team is heading, but if the team performs the way they did in the last half of last year, maybe we will see playoffs next season.

With all that confusion said, I am very pleased with the little amount Feaster has done; he has not over paid, tried to land the only real team changer in Richards, and as of right now, looks like he did well at the draft but only time will tell. He said he wanted to add skill, speed and youth and with Bartschi, Granlund & Byron he got younger. He also added some unpolished skill but nothing that will change this team this coming season for the better.
Some thoughts on current rumors:

Flames and Caps talking- This one has picked up some steam with names like Semin, Green and Alzer being mentioned. But let’s be honest unless Backlund and Brodie are being mentioned in a package the Flames have no real chance at landing these guys.

Hagman- I have heard teams like St. Louis, Florida and Phoenix with a small return projected heading the other way.

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