Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flames are Actually trying Something.

Well, the Calgary Flames fans can take comfort in knowing that Jay is trying to improve this team. There is talk that the Sabres want Morrison and Bourque. The problem is they are offering Jason Pomonville and Andrej Sekera. Which is not a bad package, but the Flames really don’t want to add more cap. They are not that keen on trading Morrison either. I like to give credit to Ecklund for some credit for mention the Sabres and Flames are talking.

We also have heard the Capitals have an interest in Iginla, Bourque, Glencross, and Hagmen. Which basically means, Bourque and Hagmen. There is no way the Flames are going to deal Iggy and Glencross. Both have NTC's, and the Flames have no interest in asking either player to waive their clauses. The main problem with this is this trade has to be dollar for dollar.

The Flames are also trying to unload Cap to the Panthers or Islanders. This is to try to make room for the Sabres deal.

Jay is determined to get younger and faster. The Flames have been known as a ceteran hockey club. We were often out skated and out worked last season. Jay is trying to change that this season.

Let's be frank, shall we? The Flames' communication is ten times better this season. In other words, every move Jay is trying to make is getting passed through Brent before it happens. So it is comforting to know that the Flames are a unit. The coach and general manager are on the same page. This is the way a franchise should be run.

I do like the way the Flames are trying to get younger. I also like that Jay is not standing still. The Flames have to get younger and faster in order to get competitive. It is a necessity that they do not get off to a slow start. Last year they were horrible in the first half, and it cost them a spot in the Stanley Cup dance. Jay is trying to do everything in his power to see that does not happen again.

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  1. I'm from Buffalo and I can say that Pominville is being shopped. And has been all summer, nice article seems like you have a legit source. I know Sabres fans would like Borque here and we know Feaster & Regier have a solid relationship


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