Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just Rambling On

Rambling on

Slow off-season, lots of speculation and little to no new news. So what do we do? We continue to speculate and dissect the Flames roster.

I wanted to talk about a couple players and give my personal thoughts on them; I am not basing my opinion on in depth stats just plain opinion on my thoughts and what I have seen.

First one is Jay Bouwmeester; I can say I was disgusted with his play near the end of last year and his lack of ability to make a play in the offensive zone. Adding that he didn’t seem to care, although I believe he did, many fans got fed up. Wearing an “A” on his jersey while Giordano was sacrificing everything every night did not sit well with me either. So what happened? In Florida he was scoring goals, making hits and being that player everyone thought Calgary got when they signed him. Obviously a culture change and a system change will change any player slightly. Yet he still possess the same skills and that ‘amazing’ skating ability, he still does not address the media although there is ten times more of them here. I believe the pressure he now puts on himself and the scrutiny he will receive if he doesn’t play well in his own end, have gotten in his head. In Florida they wanted to make him happy so he would stay with the Panthers. And that team had no issue with Jay jumping in every play regardless of what could happen at the other end, they felt his skating would make up for that. In Calgary it is clearly different, and honestly his salary will never justify his offensive output. I expect a slightly better offensive output this coming year, I just hope he finds a good partner and can be that shut down guy who transfers the play up the ice for offensive chances.

Also all the trade talk around Bouwmeester is just that “talk” no way I see Feaster moving Bouwmeester unless it is a no brainer type offer which with Bouwmeester’s cap is near impossible. And last thing; I believe we need Bouwmeester even if it is the same #4 as last year.

David Moss; what a pleasant surprise last year!
Moss adapted nicely to the center position aside from being terrible in the faceoff circle. Yet being a +9 and contributing in all areas of the game, made his season ending injury a massive loss for the Flames. No surprise that around the trade deadline Chicago was going hard trying to acquire Moss for their playoff push. But just like the suggestions in trading him early in this off-season by some fans, Moss is way too valuable to this team than trading him away for a pick or a prospect. Now with all the depth brought in by Feaster and having a mass load of centers (Langkow, BMo, Stajan, Backlund, Bouma, and Jokinen) Moss will likely move back to the wing. Right now I see him on the third line and will be giving a good opportunity to play on the power play to start the season. My expectations for Moss is 40 points, but too bad due to his contract if the Flames are out of it come March he will be dealt as he will demand a nice raise come next off-season. Plus his hard work is welcome on every team.

Next blog I will tell you why I think Hagman should stay, trading him for a 4th round pick should be Feaster’s last option.


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