Saturday, August 6, 2011

We need a direction any direction.

Being a Calgary Flames fan can be really confusing right now. Mainly because no one really knows the direction the team is taking. Feaster continues to tell everyone who will listen that he is going to get his first line center before camp.

The problem with this is that the Flames really do not have the assets to put off the acquisition of a first line center. Unless we are thinking of trading people like Backlund, Giordano, Kiprusoff, Bourque, Iginla, or Tanguay, and let me say on behalf of all Flames fans --  fat chance. 

Actually, I could see the Flames trading Bourque and maybe Bouwmeester. Of course, Jay's cap may be hard for teams to take on.  The main problem is Iggy really needs a center - or does he?  Bear with me; Iggy had a great year taking passes from Tanguay. Alex could be as good as any other center out there.

This is the confusing part. Why are the Flames going after a first line center instead of a top 6 forward?  I would really love to get a winger like Booth from the Panthers.  Maybe even Alexander Semin.

All I have heard lately is that Feaster wants a first line center. Dare I say a top 6 winger may be more appropriate for the Flames this season.  

Other question fans may ask is why did Feaster put all of his eggs in one basket?  It really seemed that the Flames were caught off-guard and took no other precautions to pick up another center.

Yes, there are also 14 defencemen on the team.  This direction I like. You can never have too much defense.  The problem is there are too many 5,6 and not enough 3,4. 

The problem with having to many 5 and 6 defencemen is: Can they be trusted in enough in pressure situations? The Flames will be relying on some young defensemen, hoping they mature in a hurry.  I feel confident that they will do enough to get by.  But if they do falter, this Regehr trade may very well haunt them for some time. 

So yes, I am quite confused with the direction this team is going. You really cannot call it a rebuild, but you cannot say they are going for it.  We really need to pick a direction and stick with it right now. That is not happening. 


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