Friday, September 2, 2011

Flames Panel What should the Flames do with the Cap

With the latest Coyotes and Flames trade, the Flames find themselves $3.6 million under the cap. So today's Flames panel question is: What should the Flames do with the $3.6 million cash?

For the Flames, who are usually are a cap heavy hockey team, this is a nice change. Having some cap this season in case of injuries is huge.

The other point I would like to make is that spending the money is not always the answer. I often see teams spend money just for the sake of spending money. General Managers spending money to the cap is ludicrous. Seriously, give me a break! If there is not a player out there to improve the team, then why spend the money? It’s like buying a house that you hate; how many of us would do that?

What I would do is simply make a trade dollar for dollar. If it can improve the team. Only if it can improve the team. I say hang on to the cap, see what happens at the deadline.

Let’s move on to the panel. First we have Dearen:

After the deal that saw Langkow leaving town, the Flames now have $3.631 million worth of cap space. Enough money to sign Campoli!!! NO THANKS… Looking at the leftover scraps in free agency, I see no names that intrigue me. So needless to say; I wouldn’t spend the money on anyone in free agency.

What I would do is use the cap space as an asset for future trades, or save it until next off season, adding the other contracts that come off. I am content with going to training camp with the current roster; I feel it will be a competitive one. Also in case of a serious injury, we can explore more trades then.

$3.6 million would be massive come February/March when all the trades heat up and teams begin to sell. Imagine if the Flames are in contention and are looking to add come deadline day. It is a lot easier to add a big ticket (given more than half of the players salary would already be gone) with cap space. And even if we are out of contention and we are selling our players, we can add a bad contract to help another team; in return getting an extra draft pick or two for doing so.

We have options…OPTIONS AND FLEXIBILITY! That is a rare occurrence it seems in Calgary so why throw that away now?

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Our next guest on the panel is Brad Windsor, a terrific hockey mind.

I've found that if you step back and try to get a broader look at the organizational moves it can be a good predictor of what is to come. Brad Richards was offered big money to come to Calgary, this would indicate a willingness to land a premier Center. The club has also gone down in average age, especially since the departure of Langkow, so getting younger and faster also seems to be a priority. There is no way of telling what clubs will be in the hunt for a spot come next spring but if the Flames are in the hunt I believe they will make a move for a high impact center, possibly Parise as he is going to be UFA again. This could mean the departure of a Backlund who they are willing to groom for top minutes this year and/or a top pick. If the Flames remain out of playoff contention it would seem logical that they just keep creating cap room and see what next season holds. A very large amount of what ifs will play into the cap spending decision like injuries at trade deadline, position in the standings, and of course who is sought after in trades. In my opinion the answer is to take that money and trade for a pending RFA or UFA center that is dynamite.

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And finally, a word from Mike:

For the time being, I don't see the Flames spending the $3.6 in cap that they have. If Jay has an opportunity to make a major upgrade, then he has some cap to help make that happen. I believe Jay's main goal is to find that #1 center that the Flames have lacked since Joe Nieuwendyk was traded away. Now, there are very few true #1 centers available but if one does come available, Feaster now has the flexibility to maybe make that happen.

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That is it for another Flames panel .

Until next time, take care.


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