Thursday, September 1, 2011

This and That

This and That


Flames prospect camp is set to open in the second week of September. Check back on to get the roster and thoughts once it is released. We will also be giving stats updates during the camp.

Lee Stempniak is a Flame and from the sounds of it; he will be expected to be a top 6 forward and to play for a new deal with the club. Feaster stated that Stempniak could be a fit for the long term but his play this season will determine that.

Raitis Ivanans- Feaster also announced that both Ivanans and Morrison should be healthy for the start of camp. Obviously a lot of questions circle around Raitis as he missed 81 games with a serious concussion last year. With the addition of Leblond from New Jersey and the free agent signing of Desbiens, many including myself wonder where Ivanans fits in. With saying that I am glad to hear he is healthy and I hope he is given an honest opportunity to get back in to the NHL. After all the tragedies lately my take on enforcers has changed and I have come to respect the positions even more.

Hagman- Sounds like he has put in the work this off-season and now we wait to see if it pays off for him and the Flames come training camp. If not I expect Feaster to try to find a home for the speedy winger or place him on waivers for an AHL demotion if not claimed.

Wade Belak- An absolute tragedy. I have had the pleasure of spending time with his brother Graham back in his Kootenay Ice days and he always spoke so highly of his brother. I had the pleasure of watching and cheering for Wade while he played for my beloved Flames. He was a guy I would turn the TV on for and watch “off the record” his smile and his positive personality were addictive. He will be missed by so many and regardless of how he passed, the NHL needs to take a hard look at what is happening. Both head shots and depression/drug issues are a massive concern in this league. Instead of talking about fixing the issue; it is time to address the issue.


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