Monday, October 24, 2011

Blow this up.

With all of the rumblings, the Calgary Flames pretty much have to move. The team is underachieving in all categories, especially in offensive goals. The offence has gone barren, and basically Kipper and the Tower have to be almost perfect every night.

Jay has told the media and the fans that he will not stand idle during this slump, and his cards may be forced right now. The problem is that the cards he has right now are not so good. Most of the Flames assets are not for sale.

The biggest asset that seems to be available right now is Bourque. The main problem is what the Flames can get for him. Some of the players I would like the Flames to acquire are on the Rangers, Canadiens, Wings, and Leafs. This is just a collection of players who I think would be good acquisitions.


I would love the Flames to pry Bozak away from the Leafs. He is a smooth-skating center who has great puck-handling skills. He just might be the man who can get Iggy and Tangs the puck.


One word: Dabinsky. He is a terrific young player, who is not too expensive yet, who has lots and lots of talent. I also like his versatility; being able to be shuffled between centre and left wing. I am sure the price will be steep.


With all the injuries they have, they really don't make a good trading partner. They pretty much need the same things as the Flames. But in a fantasy world, I would love to grab Tomas Plekanec. The problem is the cap hit, and he is probably the Habs' best player right now. A more logical name would be Max Pacioretty, although he is not a centre.


The one player that comes to mind with the Wings is Jiri Hudler. I think Jiri is a skilled player who could excel with the Flames especially. He would be given a better chance to succeed, with his ice time probably being doubled. But I doubt the Wings would let him go.

There you have it: the players this blogger would love to pick up. There are more options to trade with JBO. The problem with him is his cap hit, being slightly over $6.5 million. Teams are going to have to send back cap with this trade, and the Flames may have to entice them by offering a little more. The Bourque option seems a little more feasible because of his contract. It is a lot easier to move $3.6 mil than $6.67 mil.

Yes, I feel Jay really needs to shake up this team right now. The Flames cannot afford to fall behind so early. There are too many players taking the night off. Iggy is struggling, and the team has no one else picking it up. Even Glencross was struggling. Olli right now is the best forward, and really could use some help.

On the defence side, they need to get the puck to the forwards more quickly. There also seem to be too many giveaways in our own zone at the wrong time. Although there is never a good time to do a giveaway. They have to be smarter with the puck, and the forwards will have to help the defence by giving them clear targets.

They have to be more organized in their own zone. There are too many times where the are caught running around in the defensive zone. The team has to remember their assignments and stick to them. Jaybo and Gio have pitch in at the right time, and not get caught giving away too many 2-on-1 chances on the other end.

Chances are needed. Only time will tell what Feaster has in mind.

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  1. Are you dumb? Bringing in more eastern conference players would be the worst thing the flames could do. People just be patient. We don't need to blow this team up. They are close.


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