Thursday, October 13, 2011

This and that

There has to be a huge sigh of relief as the Flames defeat the Habs 4-1.  After the first two games, I was already hearing “get rid of Moss”, “what is wrong with Kipper” chants, and of course, “we need a first line centre”.  What am I hearing now? “Moss is awesome”, “Kipper is back”, and of course, “who needs a centre”.  

Ah, the life of a finicky fan. But as fans, they are allowed to be. The Flames are the best, and at times, the worst in the League.

Talking about a centre, there of course have been huge rumours on every site  on the internet that the Flames are going after Kyle Turris from the Coyotes.  I am not so sure that is the way to go. Yes, he has a lot of potential, but if the Flames were to go after a centre, I would rather grab a more established one.

Let's talk about the defence. They still have trouble with the speed of the forwards. The forwards must come back and help the defence.  In order for the Flames to be successful this season, they have to be very good in their own zone.

You have to be excited with Bourque's play right now, as the sniper is getting hot.   The first line might have had their best game, led by Tangs, who continues to maybe be our best playmaker on the team right now.

Can I brag up Stajan for a minute? Everyone has been really hard on him, and rightfully so. But against the Habs, he had his best game of the year, playing with tons of grit.  Especially on Bourque's 2nd and the Flames' 4th goal of the night. Matt showed lots of hustle to get the goal.

And of course congrats to Kipper for his 263rd victory tonight.

Buttler is improving; he is still getting his playing time. I am sure he will be a solid dman, but it will take some time. Hannan is playing pretty well with Gio. He might not as sound as Regehr, but he is still a solid replacement.  Hannan seems to be a good fit with Gio covering him when he sneaks in..

I must admit I was confused at all the hate of Jbo of late with Flames fans.  He is not the rushing dman that he was with the Panthers, but he is still capable of playing top minutes. I get it; his cap hit is not exactly cap friendly, but nonetheless, he is still playing some pretty good hockey in his own zone. The only real problem I have with him is his soft play at times.

I have to make a comment on the Horak play. He is really playing with a lot of guts for a rookie. He is playing with tons of heart, and is a great faceoff man. Good on him.


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