Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two Games in

Two games in to the season and two bad performances by the Flames. Defensive breakdowns and lack of offensive pressure has many fans wondering if we are in for a long hard year.

A lot of optimism was around the club to start the year and the attitude of “every game matters” was adopted by the team. So why the slow start? You can point finger at particular players, coaches and even the 10 days off during the pre-season. I will say it is a mixture of all three;

You have asked Butler an inexperienced player to be part of the team’s top pairing, to shut down the opposition best players and allow Bouwmeester to score 15 goals. Simple task isn’t it?

Game one to Kipper, game two to Karlsson, game three to Kipper and we will see about game four “Brent Sutter”. Is that the best way to get your goaltenders in rhythm? I get we want to play Kiprusoff less but let the guy establish his game before pulling him back.

Iginla, bad first game but that was expected, game two he was a little bit better. I expect as the next few games roll along that we will see a better Jarome. I am not sure the Moss experience 2.0 on the #1 line is working. Who would you put there until Backlund gets back? Stajan…really?

Glencross has been dynamic and besides a bad penalty he has shown he was ready for the year. Wish I could say the same for Bourque but I can’t. Sure he has a goal but his floating “not using his body” game continues. The reason this team has so few shots on goal is because players like him and Tanguay are trying to be a little too fancy.

I do believe it will get better but for some players I don’t think it will. It is only two games and there is a long season ahead, but when you write “every game matters” everywhere, the microscope will be out.

Answering some questions:

-Will we see Turris in a Flames jersey? Perhaps, some rumours floating around and Eliotte Friedman said in a blog that Calgary is interested. My take is unless a reasonable contract is signed and Phoenix lowers their asking price for possible return; you will not see Turris here this year.

-When will Brendan Morrison suit up for his first game of the year? Hopefully soon, he joined the team on this current road trip and is close to being ready. Maybe we see him in Montreal but if I had to pick one of the two games I would say Toronto on Saturday, although that is very unlikely too, pending how the team plays in Montreal.

-Should the Flames claim Nystrom at half price? No, that is my answer but I know many people feel they should. I just would be shocked if Feaster does make that move but his work ethic would be welcomes.


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