Friday, November 4, 2011

Should the Flames Trade Bourque Flames Panel.

There are a lot of rumours going around about Bourque this week, and they are getting bigger. Which leads us to the question: Should the Flames trade Rene Bourque?

The main problem I have with trading Bourque is making sure we get the offence back. I understand the need to trade Bourque; the Flames need a consistent Centre to feed Iggy the puck. Bourque has a tendency to be, well . . . inconsistent. He needs to play game in and game out.

We need to trade Bourque simply because the Flames need playmaker who can play well with Iginla. The problem is the price. We obviously cannot get a first line centre for him straight across. What we can get is a young playmaking centre with tons of potential. So yes, we need to deal Bourque, but don't expect the moon. Maybe the stars. I really feel the Flames need a shake up, and the best asset we have is Bourque. It is nothing personal, just plain business.

Here is Dearen's point of view:

When I think of Rene Bourque, I think of a big right winger who can score 30 goals. When I watch Bourque, I see a big right winger who doesn’t use his size, and at times looks lazy, and lately he has been frustrating to watch. Sure he has five goals already but that says nothing about how he has played as a whole. With four more years at $3.33 million, other teams may look at him as a relatively affordable second line winger. So I say “yes,” trade Rene Bourque; but when? That depends!
This team needs a wake-up call and needs more consistent players. Bourque has been everything but consistent in the last two years; bad penalties, bad puck possession stats, and he looks disinterested at times. But I believe teams would be very interested in his services based on his production and his size. A change of scenery may be the best thing for Rene, but in a couple of years, he will probably need one again, as I believe that he is a hard player to motivate.

Value-wise, I believe it will be tough to get someone in return who will immediately replace his goals. The teams who want to add Bourque are teams looking to add to their roster. So a prospect and a pick may be the route teams will want to go, and at the moment that won’t cut it for Feaster. On the bright side, if this team is indeed out of contention come deadline day, Bourque’s value may peak and a first round drafts pick plus more is attainable. Look at Dustin Penner at last year’s deadline. Bourque could be similar at a cheaper price. Also teams may like that he has some term left to ensure they get a player moving forward in return. So if you can’t trade him now, you may be pleasantly surprised in March if this team is indeed out of the playoff picture.

Mike Walsh's point of view on the same question:

This is an interesting question, because Bourque is one of a few players on the team who actually has some value. His age, cap hit and potential to be a 30-goal scorer all lead to teams wanting him. The rumours have had Bourque heading to Montreal, Columbus, Colorado, Boston and the Rangers. But would I trade him?

The only way I would trade Rene Bourque is if I could get someone back who is just as good up front, and is someone who can skate better and is maybe just a tad younger. Bourque is not a good enough asset to land a #1 centre for the Flames, and will not add a first rounder or one of their better prospects to land one, at least not right now. Bourque, as inconsistent as he is, is still the 2nd best goal scorer on the team behind Iggy. A lot of the Flames' playoff hopes are in Bourque’s hands, because Iginla’s line will be matched up against the oppositions best defenders, which leaves Bourque’s line in a better match-up for the Flames; hopefully anyways. Despite the rumours, I’d be shocked if Bourque was moved.

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