Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Happens Now

So what happens now?

The Calgary Flames get shut out by the Wild and we wonder again about change. Perhaps they were the better team against the Wild but with all those power plays; the score should not have been 3-0 in favor of the Minnesota Wild.

Let’s recap:

The Flames go in to Detroit and win convincingly right after being blown out at home. Then they get a stellar performance from Karlsson in Buffalo in a loss to then fly to Colorado and win. They come home feeling relatively good and get beat by a division rival. Clearly inconsistency is evident with this team and we knew that before the season even started.

So what changes the trend or what needs to be done to go in the direction this team needs to go?

Trade: So if Feaster does want to make a trade, does anyone want to trade with him? It’s not like we have a whole lot of “wanted” talent. Perhaps Rene Bourque could fetch us a nice return but like I have stated before I highly doubt he gets us a return that will help this team this year. JBo is another name but with his “no trade clause” and massive contract, unless we take a bad contract back I can’t see us ridding ourselves from that contract. And if you believe Turris could be had for a couple prospects and a pick and he will turn this ship around…you will be disappointed.

And for the Iginla trade talk: I will not participate.

With Backlund returning soon and Carson who said to us yesterday that he will be back with the team practicing next week, a couple bodies are going to need to be moved or sent down. Horak has been consistent and has earned his stay so who is it going to be?

Firing: Fire the coach! Is it system play that is hurting this team? Perhaps it is but that means the relatively same core players cause for another coach being let go. So if Brent is let go would Hartsburg be any better? They do think the same game and that may not help this team.

Patience: Although the forward group and 90% of this team is the same from last year, do we just need to be patient and it will get better? I personally go against this; although the second half of last year was good we still did not see any playoff games. The same cannot be done this year, if this team is relying on a great second half again they will be closer to Yakupov than the NHL playoffs.

Maybe we are all over reacting since it is still early but I remember saying that last year.


  1. At this point, I say no to trading Bourque. Firing the Coach would only be a better solution if the person that is needed to fill those shoes is available. Firing for the sake of doing something is never a good idea. I'm not a huge Sutter fan, probably because with my age I'm still partial to the old NHL and the coaching styles of Terry Crisp, or Badger Bob Johnson.

    That really only leaves patience. This might not be a bad idea if we look at this team in the terms of "potential". The Flames had an incredible last 1/4 of last season which means they still have the "potential" to do the same thing now. If the potential that this team possesses doesn't translate to wins very soon, then we are probably going to see Feaster get pushed into making a move just for the sake of doing it.

    For me the hardest part right now is seeing the success of the team to the north right now. That they are doing great I give them two thumbs up. That a team with the "potential" of the Flames isn't right in the thick of things, well, all I can say is....



  2. Anyone who is over-reacting had misguided expectations for the season. The second Feaster signed Baboon to an NMC, I knew we were in for more of the same.

    Out of the playoffs.

    The true test for Feaster will be next off-season when he only has 11 guys on the roster and loses many of the NMCs that Sutter handed out like Halloween candy.

    The only patience required is to get through this season watching a bunch of heartless, mid-talented goofs who the fans fantasize are superstars.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys and I agree this year is going to be a tough one with many ups and downs.

  4. I honestly think the bottom line for the Flames is lack of talent. I just don't think this team is good enough right now. We have some great players.. And some good talent but we have way too much garbage on the team.
    Hagman, Stajan, are both horrible. I think Brendan Morrison is not goin to do much this year. I just don't see the talent on the team right now. I think we need to make changes and stop trying to win with what we have. It's just not going to happen. We need to get younger and we need to face reality, it's time for changes now.
    Kent Wilson commented last night that we had 7 million of cap space scratched. (Hags, Morrison and Sarich).


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