Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flames and Canucks

Flames vs Canucks

7:00pm MST

SNET-W & 960am

Should we be optimistic? Or is this just false hope and the team is on a “good” stretch?

Hours prior to another Canucks vs Flames puck drop I sit and wonder if this team is going to do the whole win two out of every three games like last year. We currently have captured seven out of a possible eight points in our last four games as the team rolls in to GM place. Besides the last five minutes against ironically Columbus the Flames have seemed to have bought in. Playing hard, Iginla and Bourque are alive and Sutter’s voice seems to be heard; although at times against Edmonton the gate seemed to be open into our zone.

So what is happening? Perhaps the players are finally embarrassed and feel the heat from Feaster that he is serious when he says “youth” will be injected at the expense of experience?

Acquiring Comeau at the time looked like a no brainer and so far it has turned out great. Comeau skates well and works extremely hard, although he makes the odd goofy mistake; it can be credited to his constant effort and pursuit of the puck, those mistakes I can live with.

So how about our back end? You have Giordano possibly done for the remainder of the season, if not close to the rest of the year. Three years ago we had what some argued the best top 6 d-group; but even with Gio out this group looks more engaged and eager. Brodie and Smith look like guys who have played in the NHL for 2 years and are finally breaking out. Scott Hannan has been a great addition and has been a steady rock in front of Kipper. Tough to complain about this group who seem to not have missed a beat with Giordano out, but how long will it last? I am not sure this D-group can play like this for another 3 months and get us in to the playoffs.

Although I am nervous for tonight’s game in Vancouver; I am eager to see what team we are going to see. If the players commit we could be back into last season and honestly I am not sure the final result will be any different; but we will be entertained.

Perhaps some may feel I am too optimistic or not optimistic enough but as we have learned next week could be a whole new story. Either way I am eager to see what happens next.

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