Monday, February 28, 2011

The Feaster Stamp

The Feaster Stamp

Flames acquire Modin and pick up Carson

A relatively slow deadline day until the last 5 minutes saw the Flames make a couple small moves. News broke at 10 am that the #Flames had claimed Brett Carson off of waivers from the Hurricanes. A big defenseman that is fairly familiar with Calgary as he spends 4 years in Calgary as a Hitmen player back in his WHL days. Carson will provide depth and that is about it, will he be ahead of Mikkelson? That we will have to wait and see, but Feaster addresses a need without giving anything up.

After we all thought the Flames were done for the day, news broke that Freddy Modin was traded to Calgary. Flames give up a 7th round pick for a veteran winger who we all know from his Tampa days, where he was a monster against the Flames in the Stanley cup final! Feaster is very familiar with Modin and knows exactly how he will affect the dressing room.

I guess for the people waiting on the “Feaster stamp”…there you have it 35 year old Freddy Modin. I personally like the move and it makes sense. Both moves add depth and are exactly the moves we had expected from the Flames on deadline day. The moves do not make the Flames a scarier team but without giving up anything they did address a couple small needs.
Overall a good day and the players have been given the “vote of confidence” now they must prove Feaster right and keep playing the way they are as a unit!

Go Flames Go

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Watching the national anthem being sung by Paul Brandt and having the Snow Birds flying over the McMahon gave me goosebumps. I realized that I was watching something that was part of hockey. It was a classic, know as the Heritage Classic. The city of Calgary knows how to put on a show. And a show they did put on. The fans were the greatest , as they realized what they were watching and were proud to be a part of it.

The announcement of the Flames and Canadiens was simply awesome. The feeling was hard to explain. I was more nervous about this game than any other game of the season. It felt like a playoff game. All I know is that watching a game out doors had a feeling all its own. In fact, the whole weekend had that feeling. The weekend started Friday with a Heat game, and continued Saturday with the Legends.

Watching Roberts, Newy, and Lanny really brought back the memories of that 89 team. It was so nice to remember the Flames history, and to listen to the stories of the Flames and Canadiens players. I especially enjoyed watching Lanny and listening to him. Seeing him doing the opening face-off was a nice touch. Saturday itself was awesome for the Flames and Canadiens fans.

As I watched the first period, in which the Flames pretty much dominated early in the game, I felt bad for Gio trying to control the puck during the Flames powerplay. He could not control the puck in the offensive zone. The Flames powerplay looked very good in the first period. On a two-man advantage, there was a nice set up by Tangs to Bourque, and the Flames took a one nothing lead. The ice was not the best, and both clubs took some time to get use to the bouncing puck.

During the second period, the Canadiens threw everything at Kipper but the kitchen sink. I have always wondered about that saying. Who really does throw in the kitchen sink? But I digress. The Habs were basically all over the Flames for most of the period. The Flames scored a great short handed by Babchuck. Bourque scored on a breakaway with a great move on Price, to put it 3-0 in the second period.

In the third period, Kipper continued to shine. The Habs, to give them credit, never gave up. Iggy makes a perfect pass to Tangs on the Flame pp and puts it 4-0. Tangs and Bourque were spectacular this evening. Borque really needed this game, as he has been struggling lately. But the real story had to be Kipper: he made 39 saves for the shutout. 4-0 Final.

As for the event, I will let a follower of mine, Jessica Fisher, whom I also follow, to sum it all up: "Thank you #heritageclassic for exceeding all of my expectations, and then some. Amazing game and amazing day!! @NHLFlames."

I could not have said it better NHL. You did yourself proud this afternoon and made me proud to be a Flames fan.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Should the Flames Trade Glencross?

What’s your take, should Glencross be dealt or resigned?

Both options are being discussed quite heavily and many mixed opinions are out there. But is Jay Feaster doing the same? Or has he made up his mind?

You have a player whose contract is up at the end of the year and is playing his best hockey of his career in the midst of all the teams’ success, and is a massive reason for the recent offensive splurge by the club! At a cap hit of 1.2 million, and only $348,387 left to be paid to him any team can acquire the winger with no real cap restrictions.

I stated earlier in the year after the team acquired Kostopoulos (who has another year left), that Glencross was on the way out. I still feel that way, I admit that Glencross is playing a big part but I also have seen his inconsistency and the “bad” penalties that come with him. I really hope Feaster does not make a decision based on a hot steak (AKA Stajan) and be stuck with a significant contract moving forward. A player that comes to mind is Colby Armstrong, a physical and fun guy that can score a few goals. Armstrong received a 9 million 3 year deal, due to those attributes. So does Glencross get the same? If so I sure hope the Flames are not that team who grants him that contract!

I also understand the people who want him to stay! His play at the moment is extremely tough to take out of the line-up and Glencross is a guy that will mean a lot in a playoff series. My question is; can this team afford to let his value walk come July 1st without getting any value in return?

Monday, February 14, 2011


If the Calgary Flames do any buying this deadline, Jay really should be fired. First of all, the prospect cupboard: Feaster has already told everyone that most of the prospects are in the system. So trading any of them would be very detrimental, to the future of the Flames.

The Flames are playing the best they have all year. They have been doing everything they can do to make the playoffs, and doing it right. That really tells me that just maybe they should not mess with anything.

A good example of how good this team is playing was the first period in Colorado. Moss opens the scoring putting it 1-0. Babs wires a howitzer to put it 2-0. Iggy then puts it 3-0 on a great pass from Bourque. Glencross puts it 4-0 on the powerplay. The goal of the night came from Olli as Glencross set him up on a great give-and-go. The line of Moss, Olli, and Glencross put the period together like no other I have seen all year. All three got three points in the first period, as the Flames ripped five first period goals. Olli was the victim of a knee-on-knee by Dupis. There is no need for this crap. It was totally uncalled for in this league. Olli ties a Flames record of 4 points in one period.

The first period was the best period of the season. The Flames did nothing wrong throughout the first. They were skating like I have never seen them before. The problem is that the Flames really did waste the second period. Kipper was awesome. He made several saves, to hold the score to 5-1. I know the score was still not close, but it worries me that they wasted a period.

The Flames regrouped in the third. It was like watching a boys vs men game. They continued to dominate the Avs. The most important impressive stat in this game is that the Flames never let up in the third period. The Flames get a sixth goal by Tangs, a seventh by Glencross, and an eighth by Iggy. Then Bourque steals the puck and sets Stajan up with a perfect pass, and the Flames put it 9-1. It was just one of those nights The Flames score the most goals of the season in a rout 9-1.

Three stars

1 Olli

This is the Olli that we thought we had when we acquired him from the Coyotes. He has been one of the best forwards on the team.

2 Glencross

Curtis is on a five-game goal streak. He is playing the best hockey of his career. He is on a career high -- each time he scores it is a career high. He is skating like his life depends on it.
He scored two goals again tonight.

3 Iggy

Iggy rips his fourth two-goal game of the season. He was a leader again tonight. He was terrific again tonight.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What lies ahead!

Lots of Adversity and Scoreboard Watching to Come

A day after the Flames fall to the league’s best Canucks, I am looking ahead at what is to come. The Flames have played the most games out of any of the 30 NHL teams and yet we find ourselves in ninth place in the Western conference. But like all the players and coaches will tell you “win your games, and you’ll be in” Worrying about yourselves is fine but I can’t help but look at the whole picture.

The Flames may be in and out of 8th spot in the West but a tough road lies ahead! Looking at the schedule upcoming I see a decent balance of home and road games, but what really sticks out to me is the California 3 game trip in March. If the Flames are still hanging around at the time of that mini road trip, it surely will decide our faith! The Kings and Ducks will be neck in neck with us for the next while and with both teams having games in hand the Flames will need all 6 points that remain up for grabs between the clubs.

The Flames only play 2 more games against a non-western conference opponent, making every other game a “four point” game. Too bad we can’t steal some points from the Wild as that ship has sailed by 6 times, and we will not see them anymore. But we do see the Coyotes two more times and although a couple weeks ago I thought the Coyotes were falling down to reality, the reality now is showing they are a playoff team, and are playing very good hockey. Add the Sharks, Ducks and Wild playing their best hockey, the fight for eight is becoming harder and harder each day. The Flames will definitely need to get 30 points or more in their remaining 24 games!

I just hope the Flames establish themselves in the playoff picture by February 28th. Because not trading guys like Glencross, Babchuk and Regehr (who are arguable at their highest value), due to the team hoping to snag that final playoff spot could result in a longer road to re-tooling this team, in the future. So looking at it today; a ninth or tenth place finish is more likely than seventh or eighth! But that doesn’t stop my belief and or drive to see this team in the playoff dance!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ho Hum Flames 3 Hawks 1

The Calgary Flames played one of their best periods of the year, as they played a nearly flawless first period. They were defensively sound in their own zone. The forwards were coming back and giving the defense a target. Backlund scored a beautiful goal as he faked Crawford out of his shorts. Backlund scores his eleventh of the season. If the Flames play like this for the rest of the season, they can become a playoff contender. This system may be boring, but if the players buy into this system, it can work. All it takes is one game at a time. Crawford was very good this period. If it was not for him, it could have been worse.

The second period was pretty much the same, except the Flames made one mistake, and Towes and Kane made them pay. I have to admit, I like the Flames' penalty kill. They were awesome in the second period. They have eased up on the penalties. The kill bailed them out tonight, and stopping the number one kill is no easy task. The Flames and the Hawks tied 1-1 at the end of the second.

In the third period, Kipper was steady. He might not have had much action, but when he was called on, he was there. They did not get off their game, they simply stuck with it. No matter how many saves Crawford made, they stuck to their game. The penalty kill was perfect. Again, outstanding coverage in their own zone. A great pass by Olli to Glencross, and an even better wrist shot by Glencross to put the Flames ahead by one. Bourque scores an empty net goal to put the game away. 3-1 final.

Three stars:

Robyn Regehr

Regehr was steady. I know no one really notices him; we really take him for granted. He is really on his game. I love his leadership right now.

Lance Bouma

Bouma gets a point in his first game of the year. I really like his potential with his skating, as he has shown tonight that he can pass with the best of them.

Miikka Kiprusoft

Kipper was very good. When called upon, he made the save. He was outstanding when he was asked to be. Kipper is really on his game right now.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bring on Chicago

Bring on the CHAMPS!

Opportunity: a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.

With the Flames playing 8 out of their next 10 games at home, they have exactly that; a great opportunity!

When the Stanley Cups champion Blackhawks come to the Dome on Monday, they will face a Flames club that feels good and is confident. With a regulation win, the Flames will be in a playoff spot and will make a small gap between them and the Hawks. Now we all know how tight this Western Conference is but with all the Flames home games in February and the way the guys have been playing, one can’t help but be excited and be optimistic that come trade deadline day (Feb. 28th) this club could actually be holding down 5th or 6th place. But off course they would have to go out and continue to actually play to their ability. We all have seen this team not play to their potential; I just hope that has changed.

If this team is indeed in 6th place come Feb. 28th I would believe Jay Feaster will be a very quiet man on the market. I am sure if a deal presented itself that made sense and possibly sends a large contract out (Bourque & Stajan) that it won’t hurt the team, I believe that he will make that move. But I also cannot see Jay spending and offering what little young assets we have along with draft picks that we have to land a big name player. He may just leave this team together and let them take a run at it and will re-adjust in the offseason, hopefully bringing in youth and speed.

With ten games left before the trade deadline and eight games being at home anything less than 13 out of a possible 20 points will be considered a fail. With games this month against Chicago, Anaheim, Colorado, Dallas, San Jose and St. Louis in that stretch, the opportunity is there! Now we cheer them on and hope they do what we all see they can!


Friday, February 4, 2011

A tribute to a friend

As Craig Conroy makes his announcement, my heart breaks a little, as there is no classier guy in the NHL this past season. He is one of the good guys in the NHL. Connie will always be remembered for his class.

I have two special memories about Connie which I would like to mention in honour of Craig. This will probably be one of the hardest blogs I have done, because I am going to miss Craig.

One of my fondest memories of Craig was during the 2004 cup run. A fan who was heading down to S.J called the Fan 960 wanting to know how he could get tickets for the Flames/Sharks playoff game. Well, Craig called the radio station and told them that he would have the tickets for the fan, if he made it in time for the game that night.

Although Connie will be best known as a Flame, his best year was with the Kings in 05-06, when he had 78 points. But I have to mention the 01-02 season he had with the Flames when he had 27 goals and 48 assists. You see, that was the same year that that his linemate Iggy ripped 52 goals and 96 points. It was no fluke that Connie had 48 assists , as he made the perfect center for Iggy that year. He will always be remembered for being one of Iggy’s best linemates. 52 goals was the most in Iggy’s career.

Connie was one of the reasons the Flames made the playoff run in 2004. He will always be remembered for the way he and Iggy worked together. One memory I have was the first goal in game 7, when Connie sent Iggy on a breakaway to open the scoring.

The next memory I want to share was when Connie was traded from the Kings back to the Flames. The Flames' next game was against the Kings. The Dome that night was electric, and every time Connie touched the puck, the fans were going nuts. That night, Connie scored two goals, and I remember he was almost in tears when the fans gave him a standing o.

The biggest memories I will have with Connie are the times my son and I met him. He always took time out with my son when Doug wanted him to sign his card. Connie would sit and talk to him and joke with him, asking “what do you want me to sign now?” He was always willing to take time out to be with his fans. I will always remember him as the fan's player.

He loves this game, and loves the fans. He will always be remembered as the fan favorite here in Calgary. I really do not know anyone who would have a bad thing to say about him.

I have to mention one more memory of Connie. As we went to a practice in another arena, as the Dome was booked for another event, the players came on and were shooting the puck around. Connie came out and was about to shoot the puck into the net, when he looked up and noticed my son. He wound up and blasted the puck way wide and hit the glass right in front of him. It scared the crap out of my son, and of course Connie was laughing and having a good old time at his expense. I, for one, will never forget Connie's smile and the way he played. He loved the game and played like he did.

I wish Connie all the best as he enters into his new career with the Flames. Let me see if I get this right: Special Assistant to the Acting General Manager. Connie will be involved with all the Flames management. I think he will make a great assistant coach.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flames VS Predators

Calgary Flames VS Nashville Predators
“The #4 Predators hosting the #12 Flames”

Flames are winners of 4 straight and are 6-1-3 in their last 10 games, while the Preds are losers of their last 2 and are 6-4-0 in their last 10 games. The Flames will be in tough against a team who has only lost 4 home games all year and always work hard in every single game. While only being a couple points out of a playoff spot the Calgary Flames will need to continue to push ahead and play each game like it is a must win for them.

Keys for the Flames will be to keep the effective power play as of late a factor tonight as well. The all-star break lay-off could benefit the club but could also interrupt the Flames recent work ethic and fortunate bounces. Being on the road for the first game back is a blessing in my opinion as the club came together a day earlier to travel and get their hockey minds back.

Other Flames news includes Kotalik reporting to Abbotsford and hoping to get his “scoring” touch back while he is down there. Many are assuming we now have seen the last of Ales and unless he decides to go back to Europe next season the AHL will be his home for next season as well. Also this move and the Conroy situation shows to me that Feaster is committed to giving younger guys a chance and keeps them hungry. With the trade deadline approaching we all wonder what Jay Feaster will do but until the team is out of the playoff run or well into the playoff picture, no big significant move will come. Feaster has stated on many occasions that the core will not be moved and that he wants 7 draft picks come draft day! With only having 5 picks right now, I believe Feaster will try to secure a couple more draft picks before June.


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