Sunday, November 27, 2011

Game Day Write Up

Calgary Flames vs Minnesota Wild

“The Grey Cup Edition”

4pm SNET-Flames & Fan960

Flames Lines:

Glencross Jokinen Iginla

Tanguay Horak Bourque

Kostopoulos Stajan Jackman

Comeau Backlund Stempniak


Giordano Hannan

Butler Bouwmeester

Smith Brodie


Looks like Sarich, Morrison and Leblond get to sit tonight. Another game for Comeau; I believe as he gets more comfortable we will see that Blake Comeau was a great addition.

The Wild have been good this season and although they have the third worst goals for in the Western conference, they are getting great goaltending. The Wild have changed and are no longer that boring team that we can steal two points from. The Flames will be in tough and we all know how this team hates playing at odd start times.

Calgary has to start finding the back of the net; we now have the second fewest goals for, only ahead of the Islanders. I look at guys like Bourque and Iginla, both have been terrible. Bourque is on pace for 4 assists this season. That to me is a clear sign of his lack of puck possession plays and lack of drive to use his big frame to head to the net.

I am not sure this season is salve able anymore, but if it is we have to now start scoring and stringing together some wins; otherwise Feaster may have to begin his “yard sale” winter style.


I know rumours keep floating around and although Iginla’s name is right in the middle, do not expect him dealt just yet.

Reality is that he makes that decision and Feaster has said that he wants Iginla part of the solution moving forward.

If this team was to start “cleaning house” which I believe it may still be a little bit early; they will have to wait until closer to the trade deadline to gain the best return possible.

It’s safe to say if Feaster could work out a deal to have Bourque & Stajan’s contract gone he would do it in a heartbeat. Bourque could have some value but teams are looking to send a contract back CGY’s way and Feaster is hoping to subtract not swap.

Feaster also was quoted “We want Byron back up soon, I will be working hard to create a roster spot” If that is the case he will need to open up more than one; Moss is getting closer to returning and same goes for Carson.

In terms of rumours with names attached I do not have anything legit. But could the Oilers and Flames be making another deal soon?


Monday, November 14, 2011


Flames to face the Senators at the Dome!

7:00pm SNET-W


The team who has allowed the most goals in the NHL goes against the club who has the second fewest goals scored. The Flames are below five hundred for the year and at home; they can change both with a victory against Ottawa.

The Flames are coming off a confusing performance against the Avalanche. A game they dominated early and almost let slip away late if it was not for Kiprusoff. I hope that win will spark a streak but unless this team can show some consistency we could easily see another home loss before a five hundred record.

Hagman joins the Anaheim Ducks off of re-entry waivers and the Flames will pay him 1.5 million to play there. I am glad Niklas is getting a chance to continue his NHL career and have a chance to play for a new contract and rebound his career. This obviously starts many Phaneuf trade jokes as we are left with only Stajan from the original deal. It will always be a trade than I am not happy about but give Feaster credit; although no one wants our junk he is finding ways to cut salary bring in youth and try to put his mark on this contract strapped team.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flames Head in to Denver

Flames vs Avs

8:00pm MST

CBC 'HNIC' & 960amFan

Flames tackle the Avalanche who they have had some success against this year. The last two meetings have gone well for the Flames and we hope that continues.

After a 4-1 loss in Chicago on Friday night we once again can chalk this one up as a “must win”. Sounds crazy but if they lose this game the Flames will be three games under five hundred and it will be a long flight home.

Now if the Flames win this game they will knock off a division rival and can get back to a five hundred record with a win on Tuesday against the struggling Senators. That sounds a lot more encouraging than saying “let’s beat the Sens so we don’t fall to a 6-10-1 record if they lose to the Avs.

Now it is really easy to be negative and many fans are, rightfully so. But I feel a win in Colorado may spark a good stretch with a manageable schedule ahead.

Let’s get the good trends started today and beat the Avs at home. Backlund looks strong and should continue to grow and provide this team with a reliable offensive minded center who can kill some penalties if needed, and hopefully get Iginla going.

Go Flames Go

Friday, November 11, 2011

Flames in Chicago

Flames vs BlackHawks

6:30 MST

SNET-W & 960amFan

Flames go in to Chicago with three young guys to spring some juice into the line-up. Backlund makes his season debut after a broken finger injury and is expected to play between Tanguay and Iginla. TJ Brodie may play according to coach Sutter which means Sarich may be the odd man out again on the blue line. Paul Byron the call up for the injured Morrison may play in Chicago with Stajan being the center who sits. Expect Byron to play on the wing to start the game with Horak and Stempniak.

We all know Feaster has been active in the trade market without success so he made changes by bringing in youth. Although two players come in due to injuries, the Flames quickly look smaller and faster.

Chicago is the team many feel are the team to beat. However they have has some serious issues keeping the puck out of their net. The Hawks have allowed the third most goals against in the West, which hopefully continues for the goal scoring struggling Flames.

Bourque heads back to Chicago where he formerly played. This will hopefully spark the big winger into having a good game. Lately he has looked un-interested and sluggish at best; he can’t seem to win battles and is easily shaken off the puck. We will also face against former Flame Montador who is having another solid start to an NHL season with the Hawks.

In conclusion the next three games will be huge for the Flames, they will play against two teams they should beat (Avs & Sens) and if not the shoe may finally drop. Hopefully the addition of the hungry Backlund to the top line will spark Iginla and Tanguay and we see a motivated dominating top line.

News: Niklas Hagman has cleared waivers and will report to the Abbotsford Heat


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hagman on Waivers

Hagman goes on waivers.

Flames place forward Niklas Hagman on waivers for a demotion to the Heat if he is not claimed. This comes as to no real surprise with Backlund being ready to return. Hagman has been a healthy scratch this year and has not done much when he has played.

Feaster is clearly showing that young guys can remain on the team if they play the way they are supposed to. Horak is that example and I am glad he is staying put; some nights he has been the Flames best forward.

As for Hagman, he is a hard working guy but it just has not worked in Calgary. I doubt someone places a claim but you never know. Feaster will now have even more cap to play with but doubt he will use it.

Expect Backlund to be a game time decision on Friday in Chicago.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Happens Now

So what happens now?

The Calgary Flames get shut out by the Wild and we wonder again about change. Perhaps they were the better team against the Wild but with all those power plays; the score should not have been 3-0 in favor of the Minnesota Wild.

Let’s recap:

The Flames go in to Detroit and win convincingly right after being blown out at home. Then they get a stellar performance from Karlsson in Buffalo in a loss to then fly to Colorado and win. They come home feeling relatively good and get beat by a division rival. Clearly inconsistency is evident with this team and we knew that before the season even started.

So what changes the trend or what needs to be done to go in the direction this team needs to go?

Trade: So if Feaster does want to make a trade, does anyone want to trade with him? It’s not like we have a whole lot of “wanted” talent. Perhaps Rene Bourque could fetch us a nice return but like I have stated before I highly doubt he gets us a return that will help this team this year. JBo is another name but with his “no trade clause” and massive contract, unless we take a bad contract back I can’t see us ridding ourselves from that contract. And if you believe Turris could be had for a couple prospects and a pick and he will turn this ship around…you will be disappointed.

And for the Iginla trade talk: I will not participate.

With Backlund returning soon and Carson who said to us yesterday that he will be back with the team practicing next week, a couple bodies are going to need to be moved or sent down. Horak has been consistent and has earned his stay so who is it going to be?

Firing: Fire the coach! Is it system play that is hurting this team? Perhaps it is but that means the relatively same core players cause for another coach being let go. So if Brent is let go would Hartsburg be any better? They do think the same game and that may not help this team.

Patience: Although the forward group and 90% of this team is the same from last year, do we just need to be patient and it will get better? I personally go against this; although the second half of last year was good we still did not see any playoff games. The same cannot be done this year, if this team is relying on a great second half again they will be closer to Yakupov than the NHL playoffs.

Maybe we are all over reacting since it is still early but I remember saying that last year.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Should the Flames Trade Bourque Flames Panel.

There are a lot of rumours going around about Bourque this week, and they are getting bigger. Which leads us to the question: Should the Flames trade Rene Bourque?

The main problem I have with trading Bourque is making sure we get the offence back. I understand the need to trade Bourque; the Flames need a consistent Centre to feed Iggy the puck. Bourque has a tendency to be, well . . . inconsistent. He needs to play game in and game out.

We need to trade Bourque simply because the Flames need playmaker who can play well with Iginla. The problem is the price. We obviously cannot get a first line centre for him straight across. What we can get is a young playmaking centre with tons of potential. So yes, we need to deal Bourque, but don't expect the moon. Maybe the stars. I really feel the Flames need a shake up, and the best asset we have is Bourque. It is nothing personal, just plain business.

Here is Dearen's point of view:

When I think of Rene Bourque, I think of a big right winger who can score 30 goals. When I watch Bourque, I see a big right winger who doesn’t use his size, and at times looks lazy, and lately he has been frustrating to watch. Sure he has five goals already but that says nothing about how he has played as a whole. With four more years at $3.33 million, other teams may look at him as a relatively affordable second line winger. So I say “yes,” trade Rene Bourque; but when? That depends!
This team needs a wake-up call and needs more consistent players. Bourque has been everything but consistent in the last two years; bad penalties, bad puck possession stats, and he looks disinterested at times. But I believe teams would be very interested in his services based on his production and his size. A change of scenery may be the best thing for Rene, but in a couple of years, he will probably need one again, as I believe that he is a hard player to motivate.

Value-wise, I believe it will be tough to get someone in return who will immediately replace his goals. The teams who want to add Bourque are teams looking to add to their roster. So a prospect and a pick may be the route teams will want to go, and at the moment that won’t cut it for Feaster. On the bright side, if this team is indeed out of contention come deadline day, Bourque’s value may peak and a first round drafts pick plus more is attainable. Look at Dustin Penner at last year’s deadline. Bourque could be similar at a cheaper price. Also teams may like that he has some term left to ensure they get a player moving forward in return. So if you can’t trade him now, you may be pleasantly surprised in March if this team is indeed out of the playoff picture.

Mike Walsh's point of view on the same question:

This is an interesting question, because Bourque is one of a few players on the team who actually has some value. His age, cap hit and potential to be a 30-goal scorer all lead to teams wanting him. The rumours have had Bourque heading to Montreal, Columbus, Colorado, Boston and the Rangers. But would I trade him?

The only way I would trade Rene Bourque is if I could get someone back who is just as good up front, and is someone who can skate better and is maybe just a tad younger. Bourque is not a good enough asset to land a #1 centre for the Flames, and will not add a first rounder or one of their better prospects to land one, at least not right now. Bourque, as inconsistent as he is, is still the 2nd best goal scorer on the team behind Iggy. A lot of the Flames' playoff hopes are in Bourque’s hands, because Iginla’s line will be matched up against the oppositions best defenders, which leaves Bourque’s line in a better match-up for the Flames; hopefully anyways. Despite the rumours, I’d be shocked if Bourque was moved.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flames vs Sabres

Flames vs Sabres

5:30pm MST

TV: SNET-W & Radio: SNET960am “the Fan”

“Hey Reggie”

Flames go in to Buffalo after a convincing 4-1 over the Red Wings in Motown!

Expect Henrik Karlsson to draw in and play goal for the Flames against the Sabres who have lost two in a row. Also the line of Iginla – Jokinen – Glencross should stay intact as they performed well against the Wings.

Iginla joked Thursday “I will not go wide and low on the left side” referring to the “tunnel of death” by Regehr. I expect Robyn Regehr to look to get his hands on his former mates early on, and his emotion will be at an ultra-high. Also Butler returns to his first NHL club and should have some extra motivation to hopefully be better than what he has been so far this year.

This should be a good game; I expect Buffalo to try and tire out the old Flames team early and capitalize on them having played last night.

Go Flames Go

GAME DAY Flames vs Wings

Game Day

Flames vs Red Wings

Here are the projected lines to begin tonight’s game: BE AWARE YOU MAY NOT LIKE EVERYTHING YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE!

Tanguay – Morrison – Stempniak

**Glencross – Jokinen – Iginla**RD3

Bourque – Horak – Moss

Kostopolous – Stajan – Jackman

Butler – Bouwmeester

Hannan – Babchuk

Giordano – Sarich

Kiprusoff in net

Has it gotten so desperate that we are now trying Iginla with Jokinen again? And should we expect a different result? Jokinen is a different player, a sounder all-around player but is that what Iginla needs? Maybe we will be surprised and third time will be the charm for these two. Until Backlund returns this team has very few options and needs to try whatever is available to get the captain going.

The Wings on the other hand are a pissed off team and have been vocal to the media about the lack of calls in favour of their team. This could be a double headed sword for the Flames and if they lay down like they did against the Canucks; expect a similar result.

As for the Flames, they have lacked intensity and I am not sure where they will get it from but someone needs to light a fire under the team. Let`s hope we see that tonight!


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