Monday, January 9, 2012

Why the Flames Won't dealing with the Ducks

All sort of rumours are going around in the NHL about the Calgary Flames. But Feaster is having trouble getting the message across. Feaster does not feel he is being unreasonable, but if you ask the opposing General Managers, they are saying he is not playing nice. So the problem is who do I trust? So I had to go to my special and trusted sources to find out secret dialogue that is not meant for peons like you and I.

First of all, I must inform you that I cannot say this enough -- do not tell anyone. If my sources found out about me going public, I could lose them. So shhhhhhhhhhh, and don't say a word on how you know about this conversation. This is a conversation between Jay Feaster and Bob Murray.

Feaster: So really, is everyone available? Really honest-to-goodness the truth?

Murray: Really. Jay seriously, why are you calling? Like you have anything we have!

Feaster: Oh, I thought you would trade us that player Hagmen.

Murray: Jay, you really need to get a cup of coffee. You put him on waivers, remember?

Feaster: Oh yeah. I do need some of that coffee. I will be right back.

Goes and gets a cup of coffee

Feaster: How about Ryan Getzlaf?

Murray: We\re really not trading him. I just wanted to appease him. Make him think we are doing what he wants. He is not playing nice.

Feaster: How about Bobby Ryan?

Murray: You don't want him.

Feaster: Yeah, I do.

Murray: No you don't, because he has cooties.

Feaster: How about Ryan Perry?

Murray: We are not trading him. He did not want to be left out, so we had to say we are trading him too.

There you have it, a heated discussion. Now you know Bobby Ryan has cooties, and Ryan Getzlaf is not playing nice, and Perry does not want to be left out.

Without my sources, you would of never have known that Murray does not want to trade any of the Ducks players, unless Murray was really just getting rid of Feaster. Is there more to this conspiracy? Maybe no-one wants to deal with Jay, who really is big bully? Don't worry, I will stay on this. So many questions and no answers.


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